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Pinterest = too many projects floating in my head!

Posted on: August 15, 2012

If there is anyone out there who has no clue what is, you don’t know what you are missing!  You can sit down and say “I’m just going to spend 15 minutes scrolling Pinterest,”  and 2 hours later you begin to wonder where the time has gone.  Yep, it’s extremely addictive!

I’ve tried a few remedies posted on how to get rid of flies….none worked so far, but I’m willing to try others. Yes, I know that keeping doors closed would make a big difference, but it would also keep out the butterflies floating through the house.

There are some things that are way out there….you will never see me wearing jewelry made out of pop tabs off canned drinks!  I realize “cuteness” is in the eye of the beholder; however, it’s still a friggin’ pop top tab.

Recipes….OMG!  If you’re a “suzy homemaker type” – you will never need to opt for a cook book again….anything and everything is on Pinterest.

Weddings – to die for!  Almost makes me think I should get married again! (Our 44th wedding anniversary is on Friday); so it’s not like I’m looking. What great ideas if you’re planning a wedding – and the wedding cakes are pieces of art – too pretty to eat.

Love all the DIY projects….however, living in Costa Rica is not like living in the states where anything and everything is obtainable.  I have a problem following through with projects when I have to search and search to gather all the “ingredients.”

I did find a shelf unit that was fairly simple to build and the hubster did it!  I don’t know who was more proud of that accomplishment.  I’m thinking I would like another one built.

On Pinterest you  can find places to vacation – some of the most beautiful pictures of travel places are located there.

Babies – too many cute things from clothes, to posing for pictures…..Halloween costumes (one of my favorite holidays).

There’s a little or a lot of something for everyone.

You have been forewarned, make a pot of coffee, or a pitcher of margaritas, and troll the website….it’s very addictive!

Pura Vida….back to Pinterest.


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I Love Pinterest! My favorite is a “poster” that says “Pinterest is Craft Porn”. As a fellow crafter I know you can relate! I hope to move to CR in the next two years. As a crafter and quilter, is it impossible to find supplies, or just difficult. I am not planning on shipping down furniture, etc, but may have to ship my crafting stuff!! Thanks for the blog – I really enjoy it and hope to meet you when I get down that way.

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