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Take my thyroid, now, please!!!!!

Posted on: August 9, 2012

Yesterday was another exciting day – when you get older, health issues seem to be exciting!

Went to the Ladies Lunch at Kay’s; while at the register paying, I all of a sudden felt extremely dizzy and light headed.  Quickly returned to my seat and then started becoming nauseous.  Sat there for a few minutes, then decided I needed to get to the bathroom.  Again, I felt very light headed.

Mark happened to be there and I said “let’s go, I’ve got to see Dr. Candy, NOW!”….off we went, immediately taken to the examining room; vitals taken and then she appeared.

I was sent to the lab for more thyroid testing and an ultra sound on the thyroid is scheduled for Saturday morning.  Later in the afternoon, Dr. Candy called and said the thyroid is extremely low; so, after taking 4 mos. to get it regulated, it’s now out of whack again!  She has called a thyroid specialist and he advised upping the dosage of the thyroid medication.

For my U.S. friends, this will be interesting.  I go Saturday morning for an ultra sound and will be given the results immediately!  No waiting, immediately.  I then drop the results off at Dr. Candy’s office and will receive a call from her.  Can you believe how quickly the results can be received.  Too bad it doesn’t happen in the U.S.

I’m also at the point that I think I should just drink “the juice” to kill it off instead of going through all the months of getting it regulated.  No wonder I was beginning to feel lethargic again with profuse sweating.

At one point in the U.S., a specialist told me that I had very little thyroid left – he had trouble “feeling” it.  Getting the results will hopefully show that too…..perhaps it’s having trouble adjusting to this wonderful life in Costa Rica….LOL

Gotta love the speed and quickness in receiving medical results here!

Pura Vida for now…..

Tomorrow a trip to the Orchid Gardens in LaGarita with the “60 group”.  I feel like I will come home with a “new” one!

PS:  I have yet to drive the new car! Bummer!!!


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I’m sorry your not feeling well, Nancy. Hopefully the docs can get you
straightened out soon! Take care of yourself girl!!

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