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It can’t be! No way, can I be 65!!! YIKES!

Posted on: July 31, 2012

I absolutely cannot believe I am 65 today!  I remember thinking people that were 65 were really old!  How things change!

Yesterday our housekeeper reminded me that today was my birthday, LOL.  I kept saying “anciano”, “anciano” – she assured me in Costa Rica you are NEVER considered old till mid-80’s and into the 90’s – it’s common for people here to live into their 100’s!  Guess no stress living does that to you!

I keep reading how to keep old age at bay; one thing that seemed to be prevalent was “keep your mind active”.  Anyone that knows me, knows I have a vivid imagination – not sure if that’s what “they” mean.  However, I keep seeing that one needs to keep your brain active to hopefully keep Alzheimers away – and since that’s very prevalent in my family, I’m taking steps to do that.

One way was to learn a new language!  I’m telling you right now, it ain’t easy at this age!  But I will do it, I WILL DO IT! Parents of today – make sure your children learn another language – it’s so much easier when you are young!  I do confess that playing Words with Friends does make me think!  And I have been known to put in Spanish words, which it promptly rejects!  But I’m proud that at least a part of my brain is thinking in Spanish.

One thing I do need to do is walk on a more regular basis.  When I wake up at “O-dark thirty”, I should throw on clothes and head out to walk – instead of lying in bed, reading email, playing words with friends, etc.  Or I could walk in the evening….but for sure, not during the heat of the day!

I am still knitting, and am attempting to remember how to crochet; sewing, etc.  Some of these things are difficult to do here because supplies are not as readily available here as in the states.  And I’m finding very few websites are willing to ship to Costa Rica.  However, those that do, I’m keeping their mail rooms busy!

No big plans to celebrate….being without dependable transportation puts a damper on everything!  For now, we’re just looking on the internet for possible “new” cars – “new” is a very loose term!  Our days of driving new cars are over because they are not feasible to purchase here.  In hindsight, we sort of wish we had bought a car in the states and had it shipped with our other belongings.  Yes, we shipped Ms. Smartie, but she has found a new home; she just wasn’t conducive  for our road.  Had we chosen to live in town, I’m sure we would still be driving her.  So I’m telling people that read my blog and are potentially looking at Costa Rica to live, think about bringing a car from the states where you will know the history of it, etc.  Here you’re at everyone’s mercy – one person says one thing, another says another, etc.  – you fall into the category, who in the heck do I believe?  According to Mark, everything will be fine, it just takes time….

Back to being 65…..wonder how my Aunt Barbara feels knowing I’m 65?  I’m sure she can’t believe it either! LOL

Anyhoo, turning 65 sure beats the alternative!  A lot of people don’t make it to this “old age” – so I’ll embrace it and carry on!!!!

Ah, I now can take the bus in Costa Rica without having to pay!  Hey, that’s a bright side. But the fee is so nominal, I’ll probably keep paying! LOL

Pura Vida – and muchas gracias for all the birthday wishes!!!







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