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Ms. Smartie found a new home in San Jose, Costa Rica

Posted on: July 27, 2012

We’ve had Ms. Smartie for sale for about a month; lots of inquiries – one guy wanted to trade us a fairly new 4- wheeler for her!  I think not!

I love/loved Ms. Smartie – had lots of fun going places in her – till Old Bessie started to act up and has been with mechanics for the last 18 days!  Thus, we realized that having Ms. Smartie as our only means of transportation for about 3 weeks, well, let’s say, she’s not conducive to the road we live on!  If we were in town on paved streets, even those with potholes, we most likely would have kept her.

Last week-end Mark received an email from a guy in San Jose inquiring about her.  To make a long story short, we ended up driving her to San Jose for the guy to look at it.

Imagine our surprise when we drove to the parking lot where we were to meet Jose, an attorney, and there was a white Smart parked there and yep, it was a convertible too!  He had one and wanted to surprise his wife with her own because she wanted to drive his all the time!  He imported his from Miami.  It did make me feel a tad better that she went to a home where they already had one! LOL  I hope his wife knows how lucky she is!!!  Mark asked Jose if his wife would like the color red – he assured him, she would love it!!!

In talking with Jose, he flies helicopters, airplanes, has multiple homes and vehicles!  He bought a helicopter in Phoenix and flew it to Costa Rica!

Anyway, the deal was sealed on Thursday, yesterday and as of this posting, we are now carless!  Sure hope Old Bessie comes home today!

Now we start the process of looking for another car.  Mark hates car shopping!  I don’t mind it one bit!  I can be shrewd if I need to…just ask beach vendors! LOL

Wonder if I had a friend go car shopping with me  what a dealer would think when 2 women walked in to have a look-see!?  LOL  Probably, thinks, yep, a sucker born every minute!

I was very sad to see Ms. Smartie go – many fun times in tooling around town with her – like in Bowling Green, KY, everyone here stops and looks, smiles really big and waves with a thumbs up sign!

Gosh, I really miss her!!!

I would end with Pura Vida – but today I just don’t feel Pura Vida!



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