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Another Costa Rican adventure

Posted on: July 21, 2012

Yadixa, my favorite waitress at Antano’s, my favorite restaurant in Atenas, has been after me to take her a ride in Ms. Smartie.  Since Ms. Smartie’s days with us are numbered, yesterday was the day she and I took off on an adventure.

Off we went up into the mountains with the top down!  She loved it – especially when I turned on the seat warmers, which are not needed in the area we live in.  She giggled and giggled as the seat heated up.

We ventured to a little restaurant in the mountains called La Casita, which is “related” to Antano’s.  Ordered iced coffee drinks and gazed at this view.

I became enlightened on Costa Rica and education here.  It’s very good and I can tell you that the teacher’s don’t put up with the nonsense that’s in US schools with kids bratty behavior and I know you can’t touch me!

After leaving LaCasita, she wanted to show me the town that she’s from. Higher up into the mountains we went…and I can’t remember the name of the town. Shame on me….too much to absorb all at once.

She took me to a spot that you can see the Pacific Ocean, if only it had been a clearer day!!! I will go back there and get to see it…because of the haze, you could just spot the edge of land and the water blended into the clouds.

Starting down the hill, she inquired if it would be OK to stop and see her Mom.  And we did!

What a gorgeous little house and yard!  I was able to catch a butterfly feasting on one of the many butterfly bushes in the yard.


Then I saw the most gorgeous orchid bushes….so delicate and the most sweet fragance!


The next thing I know, Yadi’s Mom is coming out with a shovel and machete….I’m going to get a planting from this beautiful bush!

This bush had the “toughest” roots…..but eventually they got me a planting…..


And my “Yadi” orchid is now planted in my yard….thanks to Yadi, her mother, and Mark!  I wish you all could smell and see this delicate orchid.

It was a wonderful morning and I enjoyed it immensely!  Yadi, we’ll be doing another adventure soon!

A big thank you to all involved!!!

Pura Vida……





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