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Knitting during sporting events

Posted on: July 9, 2012


The hubster forwarded the above link to me and I feel compelled to respond!

I get more knitting done during the NCAA Basketball Tourney and during the NBA playoffs.  Knitting while watching basketball is relaxing to me….it doesn’t mean I’m not watching and unaware of what is going on in the game!  And there’s no disrespect to those playing the game, no matter what the sport is!


Woman can multi-task a lot more than men can…..and if it’s disturbing the players, then they have a concentration problem!

And yes, I will be knitting away during the Olympics.

For heaven sakes, many baseball games now encourage Knit Nights!

If athletes are more involved in watching what is going on in the stands, they are in the wrong profession! Perhaps they would prefer to be in the stands knitting!

Just my 2 cents worth….

Pura Vida…..



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