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A good adventure in Costa Rica quickly turns into a bad one

Posted on: July 3, 2012

Terri arrived early (at oh-dark 30 a.m.) Saturday morning.  Have had a good time catching up!

She wanted a Tillie Toucan (toucan made out of a tire for plants) and we decided Monday would be a great day to venture in to Santa Ana and find the place where I purchased mine.

Turned at the wrong exit so we detoured  into Pequeno Mundo (CR’s answer to Big Lots).  Then off to find the “arty” area where I bought my Tillie.

Made the wrong turn and didn’t find it….however, I was not giving up!  Frances and I found it one day because we missed the ramp to get on the toll road.  So we headed back and took the earlier exit; and voila!  We found it!  Not only did they have toucans – but they had parrots and a quetzal.  She settled on a toucan and they wrapped the beak for traveling.  She’ll send me a picture of it after she gets home and gets it unwrapped.  Sure hope we can stuff it in her suitcase!

Then we headed to a Mexican Restaurant that John and Pat introduced to Mark and I.  After a good lunch, we both decided to head to the “bano” before departing for home….and it was a GOOD thing we did.

About half way home, I heard a funny noise that I wasn’t sure if it was coming from the car or the sound bouncing off the road barriers.  I asked Terri if she heard it and she did too.  So I changed lanes….the sound lessened; then I let up on the gas and the sound was gone.  At that time I looked at the temp gauge and realized it was climbing upward.

We were coming upon the La Garita exit and I decided we had better get off in case we had major car problems.  Coming down the exit ramp, I stepped on the brakes, and good ole Bessie died!  Right there on the spot.  I couldn’t get it started and didn’t want to grind it for fear I would do more damage.

There’s nothing like calling your husband to say, “I have car problems, what do you want me to do?”  So after explaining to him what happened, he said “I’ll come to where you are”.

So Terri and I sat with the emergency flashers on and people pulling up behind us and honking; then we would wave the “not so intelligent” drivers around us.  An ambulance went by and didn’t stop; the “help” van vehicle that runs up and down the toll road to help people drove by and didn’t stop.  People would pull up beside us, roll their window down and we were hoping they would offer to help, but they kept on going.  Finally a guy in a van pulled up and said “do you have car trouble? what are you going to do?”  I explained that my husband was coming. So off he drove.

Then my phone rang and it was Mark. He had stopped at Freddie’s, our mechanic, (if you live in Costa Rica and have a car, you best have a mechanic!).  Again he asked me what the car sounded like, etc.  Explained that after we stopped “white steam” was coming out the hood so I thought the radiator had run out of water. (We’ve had major radiator problems previously.)  He said he was bringing Freddie with him.

When they got there, Freddie didn’t think it was a “good” thing that had happened.  He thinks we need a new engine – however, we’re waiting on a phone call to see what the price is to replace parts vs. the $2,000 engine – in an old car and there’s no guarantee how old that engine will be or how many miles are on it.

Weds. is the day a guy is supposed to call and buy Ms. Smartie.  Nothing has happened to Ms. Smartie yet, but with our road in the condition it’s in, it’s just a matter of time before something happens to her.

Now we have to go through the decision process of whether to fix ole Bessie or try and sell it for parts and just get a different vehicle altogether!

Mark has headed into San Jose with Ms. Smartie to attend the US Embassy soiree he was invited to….and I was not!

Most days are good in Costa Rica, yesterday was good until Terri and I headed home!  Morale of the story – don’t go home! LOL

Pura Vida……


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