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Up close and personal with a Scarlet Macaw in Costa Rica

Posted on: June 22, 2012

The phone rang this afternoon and Tom was on the other end of the line.  He said “we have a visitor”. My response was bring them to dinner tonight – the more the merrier.  (I’ve put together a group for dinner to celebrate my living in Costa Rica for a year, some things never change with me. I can always think of a reason for a get-together! I’m sure my KLA friends remember the medical luncheons.)

His response was “it’s a scarlet macaw”.  Then he went on to tell me that Lee, his wife, had been hand feeding it bananas, crackers, papaya, etc.  Said it had been hanging around since this morning.

So I said “do you think it will still be there if I drive over to your place?”  He said “sure, come on over”.

Mark was taking one his “retirement naps” and I gentle asked him if he wanted to go….he mumbled “take the camera”!

This was so cool to see!  A neighbor was driving down their road and Lee motioned to him to look on their roof, which is where the macaw was originally.  He stopped and told them it was too tame and was most likely someone’s pet that had escaped.  This neighbor actually had a macaw but got rid of it for some reason or another.

Anyhoo, their neighbor called a guy from town who came out to see it.  He was going to come back late in the afternoon and “rescue” it. He apparently has other macaws and says they usually travel in pairs; this poor fella would not survive alone.  Lee made sure that if someone tried to find it, he would release it to it’s rightful owner and he agreed.

I’ve seen these at ZooAve but not in the wild like this….it was absolutely gorgeous – and yes, the colors are really that vivid!

Lee also said that a hummingbird flew into the casita she uses as her wood shop (yes, the woman is amazing!). It was on the window and she quietly and slowly went over to the window and gently wrapped her hand around it and took it outside to fly away!  They have hummingbird feeders around their patio and there are constant hummingbirds at them.

Just another day in the land of beauty!

Pura Vida




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