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Wowsa! Another great day in Costa Rica!

Posted on: June 19, 2012

Bruce called this morning and said that he and Frances were going to Sarchi to the mattress/bedspread factory and wondered if I wanted to go along.  I said, “sure, as long as I can stop in Grecia and pick up the coffee bag that was framed”.

Off we went! Altho, I thought I’d never get into town because I was following a truck loaded down with tree trunks; I think going down hill we might have reached 10 mph.

Stopped in Grecia on the way to Sarchi and the place was closed for lunch.  I still have a hard time thinking that places actually close for lunch.

Arrived at the factory in Sarchi and they were closed for lunch.

So we went to the Oxcart Factory to eat in the cafeteria above the souvenir shop.  Today was a “buffet” menu.  Beautiful tables and hand made chairs to sit at….wish Mark was with me.

Anyway, today’s meal for me, consisted of chicken lasagna, beets and plantinos  (I’m sure that’s spelled wrong). Was pretty good, but not as tasty as chicken lasagna from Antano’s!

After eating, I wanted to check out the painting classes they offer.  Dope slap me! It has to be the best bargain in Costa Rica!  You get a small (5″ or so) wagon wheel to paint on, the instructions and the paint, brushes, etc. for a grand total of $5 per person!!!  I cannot wait to do this.  They said it takes about 45 minutes to do it….I think I’ll be a frequenter painter there!

We’ll be doing this when Terri comes!  And if I can convince other people to go, it could be on the “tour” of things to do.

Then off to the mattress factory; Bruce couldn’t find the bedspread he wanted in a queen size, so, voila, they are making it for him!  I am fascinated when going into the factory and watching what they do.  I did buy some pillows….

Coming home on the old windy road, a huge high truck was coming around a corner and with Frances’ driving skills, we were not hit head on and decapitated! Whew!

Great day….and am excited about the painting class at the Oxcart Factory!!!

Pura Vida…..   


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