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Father’s Day in Costa Rica

Posted on: June 17, 2012

Met up with Pat and John this morning to go to a craft show in San Antonio de Escazu.  What a bust!  No more than 6 – 7 vendors and nothing out of the ordinary….disappointing to say the least. But it was up HIGH in the mountains.  It’s always  interesting to drive through different neighborhoods and see “how they live”.

Heading home, Pat thought we should go to this Mexican restaurant; but it wasn’t open yet….as we went past Multi Plaza, John made reference to buying a gun; we all agreed that he should turn around and go gun shopping!  I guess you could say this was a “virgin shopping excursion” for me. I have never been in a gun store!  It was pretty interesting!!! And the back wall was full of automatic weapons and short shotguns, all different sizes! And before we left the store, someone was looking at one of these!  I’m not sure these are legal in the U.S.

John found his “gun of the day” and made a purchase.  However, he did not buy the Magnum pellets and I told him that he should always buy anything that has Magnum in the name!!!  He assured me he would go to Vargas, the local hardware store, and see if they had them!  I certainly hope they do.  Not sure what he’s going to shoot, but I know it won’t be Pat!  She’s too good of a cook and he likes to eat.

Pat decided the Mexican restaurant would be open now, so that was the next stop.  However, I cannot remember the name of it, I hope she’ll post the name. But, I know the way to get to it!  It was so neat looking inside!!! Yep, I should have taken some pictures.  Baskets wired together with lightbulbs in them for lights!  Really clever!  We will not be strangers at this restaurant!

Arrived home before the rains this afternoon.

The neighbor girls, Dylana and Nazareth came to see Mark and wish him Feliz Dias del Padre!  Maricela had made some Picadilla and chicken for Mark.  Picadilla is a potato-type hash that is so darn delish! It’s nice to have Tico neighbors!

Pura Vida!



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