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Time flies by in Costa Rica

Posted on: June 14, 2012

June 7th we were at the airport to pick up Amy (daughter) and her friend, April. They were here for a week enjoying the sites and fauna of Costa Rica.

They enjoyed the visit at the Lighthouse Animal Rescue Shelter – Amy was in awe of how many dogs were there and there was no growling or fighting between the animals.  For one thing, Frances wouldn’t put up with it! LOL  There were some clouds so they didn’t get to experience the “real view” from there.

On Friday we headed to the Feria in town; I can certainly see a difference in the attendance since many ex-pats have returned to the states for the summer there.

Sunday saw us headed to the Multi-Plaza in Escazu to dream and wander thru the upscale stores.  There was an ecological event and “crafts”!  Had I known it was there, we would have gone on Saturday. Many vendors were “low” on their merchandise; however, it didn’t stop us from purchasing some things.

Monday, April and I went to Grecia and Sarchi. Amy didn’t feel up to it so she stayed home with Mark and they enjoyed a lunch in town.

In Grecia there is a church made out of an old iron battleship from Belgium; pretty spectacular and beautiful inside. However, we couldn’t get in…we could hear the organist playing away; not sure if there were some services going on, but every door to the place was locked!  I was disappointed that April didn’t get to see the inside.

In Sarchi we saw the world’s largest Oxcart and then headed to the place where they are made.  Some of the machinery that is used is from the early 1900’s and turned by a huge water wheel.  It’s really quite spectacular to see. The man working downstairs was very eager to show us some things and even started the water wheel churning so we could see how it “turns” the machinery.

Upstairs is where the finishing work is done; carving, putting together of things that are made to put in the gift shop.  It’s a very nice gift shop!  Ask April….she “left” a bunch of money there!  Even got herself a pair of “fancy” leather thongs (shoes, not underwear!)

Tom and Lee had invited us over for drinks; they have a view that is to die for also….from both sides of their house! Then we were headed to Bar Ril for dinner (home of the $6 lobster); however, they were closed so we ended up at Guanacaste.

Tuesday was the day we headed to Playa Dona Ana (I’m sure that’s misspelled) – otherwise known as the monkey beach. April spotted one very high up in the tree and after waiting and waiting and putting out bananas to entice them, we left – didn’t see any that day!

Off to the Crocodile Bridge!  Saw at least 30 of them, all sizes!  I was so afraid there wouldn’t be any out “sunning” themselves because the day was overcast.  They are big and they are ugly! LOL

We also stopped and had lunch at Art’s Deli, sounds really Tico, doesn’t, it?  It’s attached to Mola’s Gift Shop – tourist buses stop there a lot; I don’t know how they survive because people wander and wander through the shop, but you hardly ever see anyone purchasing something!

Mark and Tom are headed back to the Crocodile Bridge this morning! After we got home, Mark realized his phone was missing.  Called it and a man answered! Said he was the “parking police” and had his phone and if he came Thursday, he would give it back to him!  Sure hope that’s not a wasted trip! LOL

Amy and April left yesterday. They made it home safely!  I’m sure there were two exhausted gals last night.

We really enjoyed their visit and glad that Amy took the time to come back again. She and Todd were here last October, the worst rainy October EVER!

Pura Vida!


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