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A few little tidbits

Posted on: June 3, 2012

Dropped the dogs, Sofi and Derby, off at the groomers.  They needed to get beautiful for Amy and April’s visit this week!

Since they were occupied for a few hours, we decided to head to Alajuela to PriceSmart.  And of course, we didn’t have the GPS with us; thought I might remember how to get there but after arriving in downtown Alajuela, we knew we were lost.  So we called Pat, our personal, live GPS.  She got us there in no time! LOL

Not sure I’ll head to that PriceSmart again….didn’t have the dog food we could get at the PriceSmart in Escazu, they had no, none, nada bleach….which is a staple in Costa Rica!  But Mark did get a weed-whacker.

Friday, I headed to Grecia with Shirley because she said it was easier for her to show me where a reasonable framer had a shop then to try and give me directions.  Directions here are almost an impossibility!  No street names, no numbers, it’s just kinda hard to figure them out unless you have coordinates to put in the GPS.

It’s a joke around here because everything will be done or ready in “ocho dias”. (8 days) – Am having the burlap coffee bag framed and guess what, it will be ready in “ocho dias”.  Intended to have a mat around it, but once I saw what it would look like with a double wooden frame, I readily chose that.  The interior frame has a little burlap on it, so it “just goes together”.  And in “ocho dias”, I will post a picture of it!

Then we went to the Farmer’s Market in Grecia, which starts at 2 p.m.  WOW!!!  Some super good stuff!  Bought some fresh brussel sprouts and were they ever delish. Wish I had gotten more!

Saturday was just a day at home doing odd things.

We have these cute little birds with white chests that love using Sedona’s hair for nest building.  They are hanging around the yard constantly.  Looked out at the clothesline one time and there were 3 birds in Mark’s shorts. Yelled at them to go find someplace else to play, and the next thing  I know, 2 birds popped out of his underwear!  Really quite funny!

Into town this morning for a breakfast buffet at Kay’s. It’s always yummy.

Amy and April arrive on Thursday…..have some “adventures” planned while they are here.

Caio for now!



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I’d have a hard time without street names or numbers but I guess you adapt. Hell if I can adapt from MI to south Jersey guess I could handle that too. Wish you’d get some pictures of the birds, would love to see them. Bet you’re excited for Amy and April to arrive 🙂

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