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We were fortunate to be asked to attend a church fundraiser in Bario Fatima this afternoon. It was Bingo.

Not only did Mark and I NEVER Bingo, but the other 4 sitting at our table didn’t either!

The numbers were called in Spanish (no-duh!), but you know what….it does help hearing those numbers called past the number 10. However, I had to say it over and over before I could recognize what it was in my mind and by then, the caller was on to the next number.

Thank heavens for Pat! The Bingo number would get called and she would say it in English….hmmm, I’m thinking Bingo at least ocho more times, and I might get it. Pat said this was the second time they’ve gone there to play. The first time they did yell Bingo but today they were yelling “Buena” for Bingo.

Maricela, our development gate keeper, came by this evening to see how Bingo went today.

Told her it was a great big “Nada” for the whole table! She just laughed….I also conveyed to her that when they play Bingo in Guacimo, we want to go! She said she’d let us know….

Between you and me, shhhh, I don’t think there will be as many people there and maybe one of us can Bingo.
It really was a lot of fun. They took a recess so you could enjoy the eats, etc.

Just another one of those Costa Rican adventures for us!

Pura Vida……


Frances called and wanted me to go to Grecia to some fabric shops on Wednesday. Key words: go, fabric!

Little did I/we know that we would be without water sometime during Monday night; and this “water outtage” lasted 36 freakin’ hours.

I waited till Wednesday morning to call her; I asked if we could wait and go Thursday because we’ve been without water and I was quite aromatic! She said, “well, just come here and take a shower”. I knew I would feel better after taking a shower, so I took her up on it!

I didn’t want to put on clean clothes to go over there so I threw on a light zip-up sweatshirt over my nightgown, baseball cap on my head, and away I went. As I drove off Mark yells, “I hope you don’t have car trouble”. (I guess he didn’t approve of my get-up!)

Blasted the a/c on high and while driving into town, I realized I needed gas. There was a line-up at the gas station and while waiting, I remembered, they can never figure out how to open the “gas door” and I always hop out of the car (Oh, I was driving Ms. Smartie) and just push it up, and the guys at the gas station get all embarrassed. They stand around and wait for someone that’s not pumped gas for me to get a “newbie”, I think! Then they all laugh at him – yep, in Costa Rica, your gas is pumped for you!

So I backed out of line, thank heavens for the small car, and drove on. Frances was taking her car to get a muffler fixed and originally planned to ride to her house with me. However, they fixed it immediately! Try getting that done in the states like that!

Then she wanted to know if I wanted to go to Kay’s and get a cup of coffee…I politely declined and said, “I’m going no where till I get a shower.”

Drove out to her house, and when I got out of the car, she laughed! “Oh, I’ve got to get a picture of you!”

Her husband was in the garage and when he turned around he had put a clothespin on his nose. LOL

I immediately headed to the shower! It felt so good! Till I got ready to get dressed and realized I forgot to bring a bra! So as I’m gathering up my things, to head home, Frances says, “Let’s go to Grecia” – and I said I can’t go to Grecia, I forgot my bra, which was your fault because as I was going to get it to put in my bag, she called me and I laid it down and promptly forgot about it!

She convinced me it would be alright, so off we went!

Hit a couple of fabric shops and stopped to get something to drink. As we were finishing up, she says, “Let’s find the bedspread factory”. So we went next door to the fabric shop and inquired if they knew where it was. They just sent us to a “bed store”.

Then she says “Let’s go to Sarchi and find it.” Off we went…

I love Costa Rican adventures!!!

As we were heading into town, a guy was standing in front of his furniture store and she whipped the car in to see if he knew where it was….luck was with us, not only did he know where it was, he spoke English!

After making a wrong turn, we were on the right track again. This factory is located on some really gorgeous property along a rushing river.

A woman met us at the door and said she had received a phone call that we were coming. It truly is a small world! She took us in to see all the bedspreads they make and then took us back into the factory. WOW! All I could think of was “Gayla should see this!” They were making sheets, mattresses, etc. It was really quite interesting…..

Then Frances says “have you seen the huge oxcart in front of the church”, which I had. Then she said, have you been to the oxcart factory? So off we went to see that. Another WOW factor! They are using machinery from the early 1900’s to make these! And the machine is moved by a huge water wheel!!! There were signs above the pieces of machinery with what they were used for and the year – some of these machines were from the early 1900’s and are still in use! Then we traveled upstairs where they make smaller items. It was so cool!!! This will definitely be on my tour of things to take visitors to see. And a “to die” souvenir place and a restaurant. What more could you want….a little bit of education, shopping and eating. Can’t wait to go back!

Headed home after that.

Mark said the water came back on around 11:00 a.m. – this is the first time we’ve had this happen for the water to be out for so long….but you know what, we live here, we’ll deal with it!

Pura Vida……

Just looked out the window and Miguel, my new pet Iguana, is sunning himself on the rock again.

Talked to a friend a couple of weeks ago and she said her daughter wanted to know if I would knit her a pair of socks. Well, that is just music to my ears! Since I brought enough yarn with me to open a shop that is no problemo!

Took pictures of some sock yarn I had and emailed them asking her to pick out the yarn. The reply comes back, out of 8 choices, I like 2,3,5,6,7…..So I had the task of picking out the yarn! LOL

It’s an Online brand of supersocke 100 – Flower-Color with aloe vera and jojoba infused in the yarn; should feel nice on her feet, because it feels really nice on my hands working with it….

Have gotten this far with the first sock and hope to be at the heel turn by this evening.

Sure hope she enjoys wearing them because I’ve enjoyed working on them so far!!! There’s a lot to be said for using an easy pattern in old age….attention span just isn’t what it used to be!

Another gorgeous day on our little side of the mountain; birds are singing like crazy! It’s a good day to be in Costa Rica!

Adios for now!

A friend of ours, Jonny, offered to sit with the dogs while Mark and I took a little trip to Manuel Antonio – we were going to be gone two nights and three days!

Left a little before noon on Tuesday, which was a holiday here. Traffic was light and we were excited to finally get away for a bit.

Arrived in Manuel Antonio and found the Vela-Bar, where we had booked two nights. While the pictures on the internet looked great, it was a little disappointing. Especially, when the a/c didn’t work! It’s unbearably humid on the west coast, miserable, would probably be a better word.

After complaining to the front desk and being told someone would be there in 10 minutes to repair it, we were pleasantly surprised when, in fact, in 10 minutes someone was there. Ahhhh, relief, it worked – at least we would be able to sleep well.

Walked approximately 200 meters to the beach. During this time, sprinkles of rain started and by the time we got there, it was a real gully-washer. So we found a place to get something to drink and waited for the rain to pass.

Wasn’t too long and we were walking on the beach. Man, the sand here sticks to you! Walked a little in the very warm water – which is much warmer than our pool!!! Told Mark I wanted the pool to be this warm.

Had a nice dinner of sea bass next to the hotel. The hotel did have a restaurant but it was pretty expensive. In fact, we found the food in this area to be really expensive compared to our little town of Atenas! But it was very good and we were serenaded by tree frogs during the meal.

Next morning we got up and headed to the park. Holy crap, was it humid and hot! I know, it’s a rain forest and we’ve been in a rain forest before, but I guess we had forgotten about the miserable humidity. Mark was the big complainer of it – I just kept plugging along.

Saw lots and I mean lots of monkeys romping through the trees. Then we happened upon a tour group looking upward and discovered a mother toucan going into and out of a hole in the top of the tree feeding her babies. Too far away to get a decent picture.

After walking a little further, Mark said, I’ve had it. We’ve seen this stuff before so we headed back to the hotel. Went next door again for a breakfast that was super! Slice of fresh pineapple, watermelon, papaya, slices of banana and a pancake were served first; then we had scrambled eggs and bread with gallo pinto – all for $4/each. It was really good – especially the pineapple; you can’t beat fresh pineapple here.

Then back to the room to get on bathing suits and head to the beach. Much, much cooler at the beach because of the breezes; but it was still hot. Saw lots of surfers and really enjoyed watching them. How they keep from hitting each other or others romping in the surf is beyond me! Saw a really cute boy, long dark hair, about 5 years old walking to the water with his boogie board under his arms….the next generation of surfers is already in the works.

Started to drizzle a little and we headed back to the room for showers and to go dinner. Walked back down to the beach and hit a 2 for 1 happy hour (do we plan or what) and then ordered dinner. I had the most wonder huge shrimp and two pieces of mahi mahi and a baked potato with steamed veggies. Had a wonderful white sauce on it; it was very, very good and should have been for the price. Mark had burritos.

Got back to the room and was exhausted; it’s extremely exhausting doing what we did that day. LOL! You know walking, eating, drinking, and beaching it!

Mark watched some TV and I decided to head to bed and read. Fell asleep too quickly; no idea what time it was when I woke up to an really, really upset stomach. Just made it to the bathroom before the vomiting started. Mark heard me and got up – he’s such a good caretaker! He stood with his arms around me as I barfed in the sink, because I couldn’t make it to the toilet. Each time he made a comment: “Oh, my God!”, “you poor thing”, “how much more can there be”……I was up and down the whole night vomiting….it was horrible.

Hadn’t planned on heading for home so early but because of the night, we decided it was best. Going through Quepos, Mark pulled over at Linea Vitale (a clinic) because he wanted me looked at. I have a major history of dehydrating easily! Went in the office and was immediately taken to a cubicle.

As they were taking vitals, Dra. Candy walked in and said to Mark, I know you! And then she looked at me; her famous words to me are “steck out your tongue” (and yes, I meant to spell it that way because that’s how she says it!) You are dehydrated! But we will fix you up. Then she started to tell the Dr. treating me what meds I was on….is she good or what?

Then she wanted to know what I had eaten the night before….told her and she said “you had bad fish”….but it was sooo good! So after getting a bag of fluid, a shot to stop the queasiness on the ride home, off we went.

I slept off and on most of the way! It was a quick ride home for me….

It was so cute when we pulled up to our drive, there was Sofi waiting at the door of the gate, Sedona waiting a little behind Sofi, and Derby waiting behind Sedona. Missed that Kodak moment, because all I could think of was getting into my own bed.

Slept most of the afternoon. Mark fixed me a sandwich for dinner and it stayed down…and I actually felt a little better after eating something. Only residuals were my eyes were burning like they were on fire and a very sore throat.

But I’m pleased to say I was able to stay awake and watch Missing, Grey’s Anatomy, and Scandal.

Slept well, and feel like a new woman!

People that live on the coast can have it….to friggin’ hot, too expensive to run a/c, and the food is over-priced compared to Atenas.

Glad to be home and thanks to Jonny for taking such good care of the dogs!!!

Adios for now….

Pura Vida!

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