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Monday, what a day….what a great day….woo hoo!

Posted on: May 29, 2012

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Been waking up early, thank you Chatty Cathy green parrots – even before daylight! However, it’s so peaceful to sit on the rancho and enjoy the quiet, sipping on fresh squeezed orange juice and a cuppa fresh brewed 1820 in my cup. Some mornings the coffee is extra special with a little Cafe Rica in it.

Monday’s are when Maricela comes to clean. I decided this Monday that I was going to broach the subject of learning to cook Tica style. I love the Gallo Pinto whether it’s served with a meal or for desayunas (breakfast) – when it’s served then, there is an egg on top.

I think she was very pleased to help me….so between her cleaning, she would stop and help me with the next step. It smelled so heavenly cooking….how fun to go in the yard and snip off oregano from the “grande” bush and throw it in the pot with the beans. Didn’t use the rice cooker to make the rice either. It’s all about back to the basics in Costa Rica.

This reminded me of how excited I was last Christmas season when I “horned” my way into a Tico family of making tamales. That was pretty cool too!

After she was done cleaning, I needed to run into town to see Dra. Candy because of this stupid cough I have developed. It’s driving me nuts….yeah, I know, that’s not very far.

Do you know how “fun” it is to walk into a clinic without an appointment and be able to see the Doctora within minutes? She greeted me with “Hi, Nancy, what’s up today?” Took me into the examining room and did a quick check…said she didn’t think the cough was from the new blood pressure medication. So she opened her handy dandy pill cupboard and gave me Cipro to take for 5 days; plus a prescription for another pill to take twice a day dissolved in water (telling me it’s like Alkazelter) and some cough syrup. Then she said “do you need more blood pressure medication?” Said I had enough for another week, and she went back to her handy dandy cupboard and gave me more blood pressure medication. She inquired how Mark was and after thanking her, I went on my merry way…

Now I’m at the Vet’s getting more eye drops and ointment for Sofi. I know Doctora Sharon’s income has improved immensely since we’ve moved here because we are very good customers/patients! But it’s still a third of what it would cost in the states. Sofi and Derby will be back at Doctora Sharon’s on Thursday for their day of beauty. Need them to look good because Amy arrives next Thursday and is bringing a friend with her, April.

Headed to the grocery to pick up a few things. While in the grocery, it started to rain….these tin roofs make it sound like it’s raining cats and dogs, but when you go out in it, you are hardly wet.

Then to the drugstore to get the prescriptions filled. This actually took longer than visiting the 2 Doctoras.

On the way home, it was raining and I could see some fierce lightning over a mountain ridge from where we live. When there’s lightning in the area, we unplug all electronics just because we don’t want anything fried. But darn the luck, we were fine, but the internet got fried. Mark called and they said one of their transmitters took a direct hit. Who knows when we will be reconnected to the world and this will get posted!

Came home and fixed Gallo Pinto for dinner with some fresh chicken sausage in it. Very tasty!

After dinner I hear Maricela, Dylanna and Nazareth calling for me. Met them at the gate; her son was also with them. She wanted me to take in a pair of jeans for her son because his school was going to ZooAve today. It’s a pretty cool zoo – we’ve been there a few times already.

So in my broken Spanglish I figured out what she wanted. She kept holding up “dos” fingers and putting them on the seam…finally Dylanna says in perfect english: “two fingers”! The look Maricela gave her was absolutely priceless and Mark and I are laughing hysterically. Told her to give me 20 minutes and then I’d bring them to her house. Used a long basting stitch to make sure I was taking them in enough – the width of two fingers. Needed to be taken in a little more – so I said “tres” not “dos”. We all laughed at that. So back up the hill I trudged to take them in a tad more.

When I arrived again having taken them in, her son tried them on again and said “perfecto”. That I understand!!! In the meantime, I noticed Nazareth and Dylanna are doing homework. Dylanna is working in a fifth grade English book. I had suspected she knew more English than she was letting on! She’s speaking extremely well. Back up the hill to use the overcast stitch to finish the pants and put in a hem.

Next thing we hear they are at the gate again; carrying fruit and bread, etc. for us. They were calling for Mark. Dylanna had her English workbook with her. Mark asked her to read from it….she’s becoming more comfortable with us in using English! YAY….for us!

We also found out that Maricela’s 15 yr. old son went to school in Guacimo and they don’t teach English there. They are sending the girls to the school in Atenas because they will learn English. Kudos to Maricela and Luis!

I’m in the house frantically sewing and trying to get the jeans done; Mark is in the driveway talking with them. Maricela said that Dylanna is very intelligent – then she made the comparison that Mark and Dylanna get along well and Nazareth and I get along well when it comes to speaking Spanish! The jist of that means, Mark and Dylanna are the brainy ones, Nazareth and I are the fun ones!

Yesterday was just one of those days that makes you feel like you belong and this is truly “home”!

A little tidbit FYI….schools here are out the end of Nov. or sometime early Dec. for their “summer break”. They return to classes around the first of Feb.

It truly is a small world!

Pura Vida for now!!!


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