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Do you know the way to San Jose?

Posted on: May 19, 2012

Yesterday, Friday, was the “Over 60’s Ladies Day Trip”. We were to take the bus to San Jose, visit the Artisan Market; and do LOTS of shopping! I knew this would be right up my alley!

Six of us met at the bus terminal about 8:40 a.m. We got in line to board the bus to San Jose. The last one of us to board, Rosemary, asked the driver if this was the correct bus to San Jose. Well, error number 1! LOL We were on the bus to Alajuela.

So the “gringo ladies” made their way to the front of the bus and got our refunds and quickly got in line for the correct bus! It was all of 800 colones for the ride to San Jose (about $1.50). Didn’t seem like a long trip at all even with the stops on the way there.

I was quite proud of the fact that when we were in San Jose, I recognized the corner where Mark and I caught the taxi to sign up for CAJA – it’s just a few blocks from ARCR.

Arrived at the bus station and the adventure began. Walked a block or so and then turned left and then we hiked down the pedestrian mall. The Artisan Market is at the “end” of the pedestrian mall. Shopping heaven! I cannot wait to go back!!! Terri, be prepared, we’re heading there when you come.

It reminded me of the old market place in downtown Cancun. Vendors greeting and asking you to come in with the line “for you today, 30% off”. I had a newly charged battery in my camera and was amazed at all the things to see, I didn’t take pictures! Saw lots of different things and some really unusually jewelry.

After we moseyed through the market, we then headed back down the pedestrian mall; stopping in various stores, etc. It was hot shopping in the stores and many times I just walked out to the “mall” area to partake of the wonderful breeze!

Headed to San Jose’s Central Market lunch. Ate at a small place with wonderful food! You know you are going to get great food when you are the only gringos in the place! It was fun!!!

Then back to a couple of other shops and on to the bus station for our return trip home.

Lots of fabric stores – Gayla, are you reading this?

On the trip home Mary and I sat in the front seat of the bus! This is not a seat for the faint of heart! The way those drivers maneuver those huge buses through the narrow city streets is amazing. At one point there were two lanes of traffic….we were passing a semi with the huge lug nuts that stick out of the wheel hub and I swear we were close enough to shear them off!!!

Arrived safe and sound back in Atenas!

No one bought a lot but everyone kept saying “I’m going to come back here”.

Got home around 3:30 p.m. and Pat had called and wanted us to go to Alida’s. We are not fond of their “regular food” but the pizza is pretty good. Arrived at Alida’s and they were closed for “remodeling”. This is the second time we’ve tried to meet people there and they have been unexpectedly closed. You know what they say “3 strikes and you’re out!”

So we drove down the road and ate at Bar Ril – home of the $6 lobster!

Fell into bed when we got home….exhausted, but what a great adventure.

I am beginning to feel more comfortable riding the buses here. In fact, Jonny and I are going to Orotina on Monday on the bus.

Life is good in Costa Rica!

Pura Vida!


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