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Posted on: May 13, 2012

Today was just a relaxing day – not that it’s different than any other day.

Picked up Jonny and headed to Kay’s for a breakfast buffet; as always, it was very yummy!

Came home and it was so H-O-T! I mean really, really hot! Actually, it was the super high humidity that made it awful. We could look into the valley and you could see the humidity.

Mark grilled some steaks and we had those mid-afternoon.

Then to use up some of the mangoes we have, I made mango bread. Maricela had given me some avocados and I used those in bread too. Smelled really nice baking! However, it really did heat up the house. DUH!

Early evening we could hear Dylana, Nazareth and Maricela at the gate. They have all three had birthdays since last Tuesday! Nazareth was 7 yrs. old today. We had given her some glittery angel wings with a glittery headband, and magic wand and she wanted us to see her. She was just adorable in a maroon colored dress and the pink bling made it!

I gave them a loaf of avacado bread. We said good night and off they went….

A little bit later we heard them at the gate again. OMG! You are not going to believe this! They wanted to give us a little green parrot for a pet! I yelled for Mark to come rescue me….he came out with Sedona and Derby who were immediately intrigued with the baby bird! After convincing them that the parrot wouldn’t last long with the dogs around, they headed home. They were disappointed but understood!

Funny ending to a nice, hot day!



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