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Bingo was a bust….

Posted on: May 12, 2012

We were fortunate to be asked to attend a church fundraiser in Bario Fatima this afternoon. It was Bingo.

Not only did Mark and I NEVER Bingo, but the other 4 sitting at our table didn’t either!

The numbers were called in Spanish (no-duh!), but you know what….it does help hearing those numbers called past the number 10. However, I had to say it over and over before I could recognize what it was in my mind and by then, the caller was on to the next number.

Thank heavens for Pat! The Bingo number would get called and she would say it in English….hmmm, I’m thinking Bingo at least ocho more times, and I might get it. Pat said this was the second time they’ve gone there to play. The first time they did yell Bingo but today they were yelling “Buena” for Bingo.

Maricela, our development gate keeper, came by this evening to see how Bingo went today.

Told her it was a great big “Nada” for the whole table! She just laughed….I also conveyed to her that when they play Bingo in Guacimo, we want to go! She said she’d let us know….

Between you and me, shhhh, I don’t think there will be as many people there and maybe one of us can Bingo.
It really was a lot of fun. They took a recess so you could enjoy the eats, etc.

Just another one of those Costa Rican adventures for us!

Pura Vida……


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