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Central Market in Alajuela – another adventure

Posted on: April 13, 2012

Thursday we went with Pat and John to check out the central market in downtown Alajuela.  It’s certainly something to see!!!

I’ve fallen down on taking pictures – I promise next time there will be pictures!  Yes, oh yes, there will be a next time! Mark and I marveled at how many meat markets are in this place!  Can’t figure out how any of them make any money? LOL   Pat said that people go to the various meat markets because they like the butcher and his cuts of meat. Lots of fruit stands and shops that sell pretty much anything you want!

Children’s things! O.M.G. Shopping for small children there would be a dream. So many adorable dresses, headbands to match, and shoes…..

John bought a spiffy looking Panama hat!  He’s a man that looks good, really good in hats!

Then we saw a HUGE, HUGE, department store, you know sort of like the “Macy’s of Alajuela”, only it’s called llobet. Will be going back there also to check out ALL the departments.  Huge fabric department.

Then they suggested going to Norman’s (Jalepenos) in Alajuela.  It’s a too-die for Mexican restaurant!  Yep, we’ll be back there sometime also.

Heading for home we stopped at a tile place because Pat wanted to put different tile marking the doorways in their new, yet to be completed home.  At first I wasn’t going to go in….you know it’s like going to Lowe’s in the old country, “oh, Mark, can’t we do this here and maybe change this in the house to this”, etc.  She found some good looking stuff and I think the floor will get done next week.  Or possibly in “ocho dias”, which was the pat answer from our construction crew.

And we stopped at another place with fabric, notions and get this, soles of shoes so you make your own shoes!  I’m sure Gayla will want to try this when she comes again! LOL

Home mid-afternoon to some doggies with bladders that needed emptying!

A very good and productive, fun day!  And we were so smart to take the GPS to mark all these various places. WOO HOO for Garmin….and Mrs. Garmin (Gayla)

Thanks Pat and John!!!

Adios for now.


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