Keeping You In Stitches

Absolutely unheard of things accomplished today!

Posted on: April 13, 2012

1.  Headed into town to go to the lab for some blood work – had to fast for it.  Walked into the lab, no appointment needed; immediately went in to have the blood drawn; come back at 11:30 for results.

2.  Parked the car and walked to the P.O. – alas, no mail.

3.  Walked to Feria to buy some baked goods and fruit, etc.

4.  By then, it was pretty obvious I needed to get something to eat!

5.  Breakfast at Cafe Cultura –

While Mark was conveniently lying in the hammock there;

     I was shopping in the gift shop!  SURPRISE!  This is a “truck”  with Atenas written

on it loaded with fruit for sale!  Super cute!!

6.  While I was eating breakfast, Mark deposited Sofi at the groomer – it was her day of beauty!

7.  By the time he returned from that, it was time to pick up lab results, so back to the lab.

8.  By then I was feeling crappy, really crappy, overheated, sweating profusely; Mark needed to see the Doctora to get meds to take before seeing the dentist on Monday and I needed to drop off lab results too.  And true to form, the thyroid is still not where it needs to be; it’s getting better, but still not completely in whack!  Which of course means a change in meds, etc.  Then I felt like I was going to pass out; b/p was high, pulse was high.  Took an EKG; and then another one, second one was fine!  So in two weeks I have more blood work and hope everything is OK, then.

9.  Stopped in to see Sebastian because some plants have died that were guaranteed. Coming out next week to check it out.

10. Stopped at Antano’s to get some dinner (to reheat) for our evening meal.

11.  Stopped at a sandwich shop to get lunch.

12.  Went to Deloris’s to get some homemade chicken sausage they had picked up for us two weeks ago.  Time means nothing in Costa Rica! LOL  While there, we walked around her yard and picked oranges to make orange juice for later.

13.  And she has cashew trees!  Pretty cool, huh?

14.  And plants like these growing in trees just on a whim!  Lots of “air plants” in trees too.  So vivid and colorful!!!

15.  Back to the Dr. because she forgot to keep a copy of the prescription.

Oops!  Picked up Sofi after the first Doctor visit…..she smelled so pretty!!!  All in all it was a good day.

16.  Then Tom called and voila – out for dinner!  Going to El Mirador……..

17.  Tomorrow will be spent recovering from today!

Hasta Luego!


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