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Posted on: April 7, 2012

Things were shut down in Costa Rica for Semana Santa; what to do?

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week, we had brief showers.  On Facebook there was a post that Antano’s would be open on Thursday and Friday….the brain was churning….so late Wednesday afternoon I sent out an email that because of the rain on the three previous days, I had the “rain crabbies”.  Since Antano’s was going to be open, I suggested we all meet there Thursday morning for brunch.

WOW!  We had 14 people show up!!!  I’m sure the wait staff was overwhelmed, LOL.  It was a fun time for all and even if a few orders got mixed up, so what…that’s life in Costa Rica…and where Pura Vida comes in.

Thank you Antano’s for being open and accommodating us!

Frances had asked me to go to an over-60’s group meeting of women.  They are trying to set up day trips once a month to go, do and see various things.  We’ll be taking public transportation on most journeys.  When women get together they eat; if it were men getting together, it would be beer! LOL

The first one is to go to Orotina to shop, and of course eat!

I’m really excited about the trip in May to the British Embassy. We’ll be going on May 24th and take part in the birthday celebration for Queen Victoria (yes, I know now it’s Elizabeth); anyone in blog land ever done anything like this?

Yesterday, while cleaning (attempting) the pool, I noticed two dragonflies; let’s just say they were having a good time and probably should have gotten a room! LOL

Sofi will be visiting the vet this week – breaking out on her stomach; I kind of think it’s from heat/sweating?  At least I hope it’s nothing major.  She spends her days lying under the car and guarding our property.  Seriously!  She let’s us know if someone is around and since they are putting in the road that runs behind our house, there are always “strangers” around!  This gets Derby barking and then Sedona….I wish they were all in tune and could harmonize!

This morning I finally sat down at the sewing machine and have completed another Christmas present. No, Amy, it’s not for you! LOL  I was trying to do a gift a month, I’m up to February! LOL

I become easily frustrated in the “sewing/craft” department here in Costa Rica.  It’s difficult to find notions and patterns, well, they don’t use patterns here.  Yes, I can order stuff on line but sometimes the shipping is just too outrageous.  Big sigh, so I’ll keep on trudging around looking for stuff.

Happy Easter to all and Pura Vida!

Adios, for now.


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