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Yesterday was quite an emotional day…

Posted on: March 29, 2012

Yesterday our guests, Abby and Gayla, left for their home in Tennessee.  I love going to the airport to get visitors but I sure don’t like going to the airport to say good-by!  That’s how the morning started.

But it ended on an up note because we went back to the airport and picked up Jonny and Warren from Phoenix.  They are renting a place here, actually not too far from our house, for 6 weeks.

We played “tour picker upper” and even took them to the grocery before depositing them at their lovely abode!  Old Bessie was loaded down with their luggage and groceries.  They are staying in a development called Hacienda Atenas. Can’t wait for Mark to see it in the daylight – it’s gorgeous!

I hope Jonny remembers I told her it was very hilly! LOL

Anyway, she spent a lot of time in Ghana at the end of last year to get a library open.  And, this is the best part, well, actually the selfish part….she brought me some of the greatest fabric from there!





Aren’t these colors gorgeous!  Oops, got one in there twice; click on the thumb nails to make them larger!

Wondering about attempting to use the last one to make a coverlet for our bed. What do you think?  I’m open to any and all suggestions for ideas on how to best use this fabric.  It’s so much prettier in person without a shaky camera blurring the colors! LOL


Hope Jonny and Warren are getting settled in their new digs.  Will check on them tomorrow.

Tomorrow we’re going to some friend’s for breakfast! We met them the day we received our Cedula’s and found out they live about a mile down the road from us.  Breakfast is my favorite meal…when someone else cooks.  However, I need to watch what I’m eating because Gayla insisted on buying oodles and oodles of things from the bakery!  She knew the layout of their products and didn’t hesitate to update me on it! LOL


Update on the road behind us:  We had been told it was going to be asphalt, then concrete, then pavers, then concrete. Today concrete pavers (all one color) were delivered.  We don’t care what’s put down, but we sure would like it to be pronto!  A word not in Costa Rica’s vocabulary.  The dirt blowing, etc. is just plain out of control with all the heavy equipment that is being used.  Actually, it’s just a backhoe driving back and forth….The curb and gutters are installed and cement was mixed by hand for this.  The “bedding” for the pavers has been delivered….come on guys, please, at least get to our driveway before you take the week off for Easter….pretty, pretty, please!!!




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Oh, so you ARE getting pavers! Way cool!


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