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ZooAve was today’s first stop…..

Posted on: March 21, 2012

Abby, Gayla and I left the house about 8:45 a.m. and didn’t return until 7:00 p.m.! WHEW!  What a fun day we had.

Started out the day with going to ZooAve.  As soon as we entered two beautiful peacocks spread their tail feathers!  What a site!  Abby, 8 years old, was impressed.  Saw lots of animals….she was most impressed with fawn that was in an enclosure with a huge turtle and an iguana!  LOL, you know the animal she can see in Tennessee!

Saw lots of monkeys, emus, various sizes and kinds of turtles, crocodiles, you know lots of Central American animals.

Left the zoo about 11:30 a.m. and coming home we decided to take a detour to Grecia and Sarchi.

Had lunch in Grecia and then Gayla wanted to hit some fabric shops!  And hit them, she did!  As we would leave a shop, her words were, “we can come back, right?”  Went to 2 fabric shops and then back to the car and we were on our way to Sarchi.

Let’s just say, Abby made out like a bandit today!  She got some cute things, including a leather purse with a brightly colored parrot painted on it.  She’s so proud of it!

On the drive back to Grecia, we stopped at a little quilt shop!  Gayla got more fabric!  And wanted to know if we could go back there too, because she couldn’t make up her mind about a bag!

Started to rain a little, which actually felt good!

We drove “on the good road from La Garita to Grecia” so of course, coming home we came the narrow, twisty road over the horrible bridge because I thought they should experience it. LOL

Abby kept insisting we were lost!  Finally, I said “Abby, you might be lost, but I’m not!”

We went to a few shops in Atenas, again, Abby made out like a bandit….but I will say the shoes she got were so cute! If they had had them a little bigger, I would have gotten some too!!!  Tomorrow, I’ll get a picture of them and put it on Facebook!

Hit Atenas and I knew there was no way I was cooking dinner tonight after the day we had had; called Mark and asked him if he wanted to come in to town and eat with us.  Gayla felt like having some “good rice” so we went to La Troilla and had some “muy bueno” rice!

Adios for now……really tired!

Yep, going to bed and yes, it’s 7:35 p.m.


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