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A first today….

Posted on: March 19, 2012

Needed to go into town to pick up a prescription for me, for Sedona, check the mailbox, pay Linea Vitale , gas up Ms. Smartie, and go to the grocery store;  was going to get a haircut but the place I was going to go to says they are open on Lunes (Monday) from 9-12 noon; however, after stalking the place 4 friggin’ times, the last time being 11:15 a.m., she was still not open!

Any-hoo, while I was at the grocery, the manager, who speaks very little English came to me with a Gringo following because he didn’t speak English and the Gringo didn’t speak Spanish.  The Gringo was looking for Charcoal…should have sent him to our friends, Pat and John, because John made charcoal because he couldn’t find any either! LOL

This was the manager that gave me the coffee bag.  He and Mark had many conversations! LOL

Guess I better start hot and heavy on learning Spanish….like one cab driver asked us if we spoke Spanish and we both said, “poco” (meaning not much, a little;  LOL); then he said do you know words, and we agreed we knew words; it’s putting those words into sentences; we are getting along and everyone is so helpful, but I really need to get started, seriously, get started; oh dear, company arriving tomorrow, so it will be on next week’s agenda.

It’s a really HOT one today!!!  And, shhhhhh, the wind isn’t blowing like a hurricane gale – LOL – at least right now it’s  not!

Pura Vida…..



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