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It’s official! We’re now residents!

Posted on: March 17, 2012

Yesterday was a milestone for us!!!  We’ve received our Cedula’s and are now officially residents of Costa Rica!  Woo Hoo!

Monika, our residency attorney is the best! If you are considering applying for residency, do yourself a favor and save yourself a LOT of headaches, by hiring her.  We found her to be extremely reasonable in the “cost” department.

And once we arrived at the Immigration Office, we met two other couples from the Atenas area that she was representing. One couple, Darlene and Glen, were getting their residency’s, like us.  But Al and Clara were getting their permanent residency!  They’ve been here five years already and get this…..they live just down the road from us!  We’ll fast become friends….they are dog people too!

Costa Rica is a “dog lovers” country – they are everywhere!  And there are some beautiful chickens too!  Still debating whether to get a few for eggs or not… sure they would drive our dogs nuts to the point where they wouldn’t lay eggs!

Back to getting our Cedula….after all the paperwork was filed by our attorney we then went to another waiting area to have the dreaded picture taken.  Not a long wait at all!  Then we were informed to come back in an hour and we’d receive our Cedula’s.

We had received paperwork in our mailbox letting us know we would need to go to the main P.O. in San Jose to pick up our package.  Since we were in San Jose already, we decided to use that hour to do that.  The procedure to pick up a package is something else.  Talk about job security!  First you go to #1, and she inputs your info into her computer; then you sit and wait till your name is called; #2 is where they bring out the package and say “can I open it” – everyone agrees, sort of a moot question.  #2 opens the package and says “oh 2 books and sheets” in English!  Then tapes the package up and you go sit and wait for #3.  #3 is paying the “tax” which amounted to a grand total of $2!  Then you sit and wait again till #4 calls your name to come pick up the package.  I was called after much waiting and then a lady proceeded to rattle of something in Spanish so quickly that even if I could have understood it, I wouldn’t have!  So she proceeded to speak slower, which of course, didn’t help.  So she yells for a guy that speaks English to come to the front counter; please keep in mind that sauntering to the counter is “fast” in their department! LOL  Anyway, he comes to the counter and says “Pretty lady, how can I help you?”  I responded with “I have no clue what she’s trying to tell me!”  He had a good laugh over that and then said “just take this paper to security to get out”.  So off I went.  Got home and the sheets were for a Q bed and I ordered a K!

Traffic in San Jose is to put it mildly…..HORRIBLE, AWFUL, and any other negative adjective you can use!  Then factor in 2 motorcycle accidents, causing a delay…..of course we were back at Immigration at 3:05 p.m. – guess what, on Friday, or it could be every day of the week, I don’t know, they close at 3:00 p.m.  As we were going to the office and discovered the door locked, Security came and told us we’d have to come back on Monday. AAAWWWGGHGH!

Mark called Monika and explained what happened….she then asked to speak to the security guard; the next thing we know, he’s opening the locked door and asking a lady to bring out our Cedula cards!!!  Can you imagine a security guard in the U.S. doing that?!!!!  We were thrilled and then happily on our way back home. It was a very long, stressful day and we were both exhausted.

Derby and Sofi had spent the day getting “beautified” – so we picked them up; they were so happy to see us! LOL

Came home to having very little water AGAIN.  Third day in a row that by mid-to late afternoon we have a pathetic stream of water coming from the  tap or none.  For some reason, I think it has to do with the building they are doing in the development….but by morning, water is again flowing freely.  Maybe we need to think about having a well dug for us! Haven’t had this problem before.

The Canadians that live up the mountain behind us are starting to head back north.  They refer to themselves as “living upstairs”.  Pretty soon it will just be us, the guys doing the construction, and the guard at the gate.  A new family is moving in, this week-end, I think.  We’ve been picking them up since we arrived if they need a ride to town and we’re headed that way!  Feel like it’s old friends that will now be our neighbors!

Gayla and Abby arrive on Tuesday, I’m so excited!!!!  It will be a fun week….I have a sneaking suspicion that she will like it here!  Living here is not for everyone….however, we LOVE it.

Yes, there are some things I/we miss but you know, we can still get along without it.

NCAA basketball games are on…..toodles for now!






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