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4 Vials short of a full load

Posted on: March 14, 2012

Today is the day I decided to go to the blood-letting.  Needed to go to CAJA for some of the tests.  Waited in a long line, that became longer (behind us) starting at about 6:30 a.m.   I’m happy to share the procedure with you…LOL

You make sure you are in the right wing for the laboratory; which of course, originally, we weren’t.  Saw a Security Guard, they are very plentiful in Costa Rica, and showed him the orders for the lab work and he was nice enough to take us where we needed to go; thus, began the wait.

Probably waited 20 minutes or so.  Was sort of fun to see all the newborn babies coming in – not sure if they were there for the babies or the baby’s  mammas!  After getting up to the front desk, things were a little iffy; we had a receipt that showed we’ve paid for 3 months however, it wasn’t the correct receipt!  After the guy behind the front desk had to begrudgingly get up and get approval with our receipt, things then went smoothly.

You just sit in a chair till they call you into the lab – sort of assembly line style.  That accounted for 2 vials of blood.

Left there and then headed to the private laboratory for more blood work.  Two more vials taken there.

Used CAJA because I didn’t have to pay for a $200 blood test; and went to the private lab where I’ve been having my thyroid tests run.  Afterall, we are now “on a limited income”.

I despise that phrase! LOL “On a limited income”…..we’ve always been on a limited income – which means to me, living within your means. You have so much money, which IMHO, is a “limited income”.  However, now, it’s a lot less than it was. LOL

After all the blood letting, we headed to Kay’s for breakfast!  Yummy food!

Haven’t done much the rest of the day.

Mark is out trying to track someone down because all of a sudden, we have no water.  And, YES, the bill was paid! LOL Hmmm, could mean dinner out tonight!

Need to get a good night’s rest tonight because the beginning of the NCAA tourney starts tomorrow – at least of the teams I’m interested in.  Only have 5 games to watch tomorrow…..yes, folks, it’s bleacher butt season!  I love the March Madness and am thrilled that we can watch the games down here.

Another gorgeous day on the mountain side….

Pura Vida!



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