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Friday is the day!!!

Posted on: March 13, 2012

Mark got a text from Monika this morning stating that we will be going to San Jose  on Friday to get our Cedula card, which means we’re residents!  Woo Hoo!!!    Been a long wait it seems!  So we’ll be getting “wanted” pictures taken on Friday….the pictures they take here for legal stuff are the pictures that you see in the U.S. Post Offices of wanted people!

You cannot wear your glasses!  Those that wear glasses, please go to a mirror and remove them; funky picture, huh?  You also have to remove all jewelry, ie: earrings…..and in my case, earrings are used to detract from the dark circles under my eyes!  I think y’all are getting the picture now.

Lots of improvements going on in our development.   The front gate is now closed, (we have remote openers)  – except for the construction trucks, etc. that are supposed to be using the other entrance.  Last we heard, pavers were going to be installed for the road.  To the right of our property, there will be 10 new casas or casitas built.  Further up the mountain, or as the Canadians call it “up stairs”, Swiss people have bought a large piece of the mountain and will be building 40 more casas along with their winery.  You know, sort of like a commune! LOL

These worker bees like to sing…and I don’t mind listening to them BUT I do take offense at starting at 6 – 6:30 a.m.!

I see a vet visit for Sofi today or tomorrow.   I think it’s allergy more than anything.

Getting ready for Gayla and Abby to come for a visit; talked to Gayla yesterday and she had told Abby that they were going to do lots of school work this week, so they could come next week.  Abby wasn’t too sure that was a good idea!  I asked to talk to Abby and I said….I’m excited you are coming next week; her response was “I can’t come if I don’t get my school work done!”  I just replied that she needed to get that done so she could come….then the tears came and she promised me she would try really hard to get her work all done.

Lobster dinner last night….so yummy!

Weather has been unbelievable with really high gusts of wind….you guessed it, lots of dust and dirt blowing – in the house!  Our housekeeper, Mark, (yes, Mark, the hubby), thinks that maybe we should hire someone to come once in awhile. LOL  My theory is a housekeeper is not going to keep out blowing dirt and dust!  We’ve been told that it’s unusual for these “December” winds to still be blowing!  Guess we chose an unusual year to make the move here with the record setting rain in October!  We don’t drive Ms. Smartie to the San Jose area with these winds….we could end up in Kansas!

Need to get something done this morning so Adios for now….

Pura Vida!




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