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Big day for me… my CAJA card

Posted on: March 5, 2012

Today was day #5 and the day I was to go back to the Clinica and get my CAJA card.  After waiting probably 20 minutes or so, we were at “the window”…..yep, I got my CAJA CARD!!!!  So excited….because this means there’s only one more step to getting our residency.  Just waiting on our attorney, Monika, to send us an email telling us when and where to be!

CAJA just means we’re on the health care system here; sort of like “medicare” for lack of a better description; however, it’s $49 a month for both of us; covers Drs. and medication.  We’re sticking with a private Dr. for now because it’s easier to get in to see her; however, she can write prescriptions for us and we take it to CAJA and they fill it at no charge.  (Providing they have it)

Mark used it the first day to fill a prescription that we had just been purchasing at a drug store (farmacia).  Interesting because at the farmacia, they filled it with a generic; at CAJA, it was filled with the brand name drug.

At any rate, we’re both pretty happy to be this far in our residency!

Then we headed to the Lighthouse Animal Rescue…..Bruce and Frances’.  Some neighborhood kids brought her a baby owl they had found laying on the ground; we’ve had some pretty good winds so maybe it was blown out of a nest.  She has a HUGE, and I mean HUGE, bird cage she’s keeping it in for now.  Owls do not drink water; they get their liquid from what they eat.  Right now, Doc, named by Frances, is eating liver that she  feeds with tweezers. Very small pieces of liver.  She sort of waves it below the owl, in hopes he thinks it’s a moving bug, etc.; then, she proceeds to move it to the beak of Doc.  Doc opens his beak and down the hatch it goes.  If she touches him, he clacks his beaks together making a noise.  He’s still really fuzzy so I’m guessing he’s not too old.

She said the kids that found it had visited there earlier this morning.  They were calling it Boo.  She is going to take it to ZooAve for them to rehabilitate it to be released in the wild.  ZooAve is a great Zoo to visit!!!

On the fifth of the month, we pay our water bill; Mark has walked up the hill to the Salon next to the Church in Guacimo to pay it. You are supposed  to be there at 3 p.m. to do this.  Can’t wait to hear his tale of how it went.

In 2 weeks I’ll have been here 9 months….the time has flown by – well, except for the major rain in October, that was a month I hope we don’t repeat.  But by the same token, we haven’t had rain on our side of the mountain since the end of December.  Things are getting brown….guess that’s why they refer to this as summer.

Pura Vida…..


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