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Psych Nurses – retirement haven in Costa Rica

Posted on: March 1, 2012

This morning the US Embassy was having an informational meeting in Atenas.  We decided to go to see what it was about.

Jerry, from the Embassy led the discussion.  He basically informed us what the US Embassy would and could do to help us. He said they were going to start using “wardens”, which to me conjures up someone on one side of the prison bars; anyway, they want to use these “wardens” as aides to assist in case of emergencies.  IE: if there is an earthquake, mud slide, various other things, that would necessitate needing emergency assistance.  The Embassy will call the “warden” in the area of the emergency to see who may need assistance.  Of course, Mark, signed up to be a “warden”….I think I’ll make him a shirt that says “Warden”.

Then another lady told us how to get ballots for the November election; which we’ve already done.

Met Vicky and I’ve already forgotten her husband’s name; they are from Arkansas.  Sat beside her and she said she was a psychiatric nurse, retired.  I said “you are the 3rd psych nurse I’ve met here”.  So, we’ve decided that either they think there are no crazy people in Costa Rica or for some reason, we attract them! LOL

There were probably 20+ people there.  It was a  group of adults, and one very precocious boy about 7-8 years old.  At one point taxes were being discussed and immediately this kid says, “This is what you should do”……he was immediately shushed up by his parents….now I’m wondering what that story might have been. LOL

Then there’s always the proverbial person in a meeting that everyone rolls their eyes when they talk – this little informal group was no different.  She was a 77 yr. old woman from Massachusetts, former lawyer and made it clear that she was not practicing here; she moved here because of the corrupt politics in Massachusetts!  Then she went on to say “I haven’t paid taxes in years because my Social Security is below the poverty line”.  I’m hoping she meant, I haven’t owed taxes….which is different that not paying; not paying indicates to me, you’re hoping to not get caught.  Anyway, she wanted the Embassy to help her get her MA drivers license reinstated; she let it expire and MA wants her to come back and get her picture taken for it.  Reading between the lines, means, she doesn’t have a Costa Rica drivers license; if you have a current one from the states, you do not need to take a test; however, if you don’t, you have to take the test and it’s in Spanish, which is OK for those fluent in Spanish.  If she had given us all 500 colones for every time she said, “I have one more question and then I’ll shut up”…..we would all be rich!  Felt sorry for Jerry in charge of the meeting but he handled it well with, see me individually after the meeting and we’ll see what we can do.  And then she wanted to know how to get a Visa to go to Greece.

After the meeting we had a few errands to run and decided to stop in at a new Cafe downtown.  They had seating outside in the back of the restaurant.  WOW!  Super, super good food;  the special of the day was chicken lasagna with salad, a banana drink (smoothie) and cheesecake for dessert for 3500 colones. ($7) It’s only been open 3 weeks.  Said they have daily specials and also on Saturday from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. there is a brunch with guitar music.  Imagine we’ll be back there soon.  As we were finishing up our lunch, Tom and Lee came wandering in so we sat with them while they ate.

Came home to 3 excited dogs!

Pura Vida!



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