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Not a stellar start to the day!

Posted on: February 29, 2012

Woke up early to car doors slamming and chatter.  Worker guys were trampling around the empty lot to the L of our house. Next thing I know, they are walking up the road and standing and looking at the mess Patrick left us when he tore out most of our coffee, claiming he didn’t know it was our property!  The partners in the development were not happy and are going to restore the property, probably with fruit and various flowering trees; we’ll still have the few coffee plants that didn’t get destroyed.

The road behind us is going to be either concrete or asphalt but first they must put in the large drain pipes. Which is good since during the rainy season, the road was graded so the majority of water of runoff water ran into our driveway.  Sort of a deal where you put up with the bad to make the good.  So a huge back hoe is now digging the trench, dirt flying everywhere and do you think they even asked us if we wanted to move a car in case we needed to get out?  Nope, and the dirt they are digging is being put at the entrance of our drive!  We have learned in Costa Rica they just “do things” and worry about correcting them later! Sheesh…

Couldn’t go back to sleep so decided to get up and at least make coffee; I bought a different brand at the grocery – a chocolate flavored coffee.  Sometimes a girl just has to have a “little chocolate fix”.

While waiting for the coffee to brew, I washed the few (HA!) dirty dishes and noticed I didn’t put the filter in the coffee pot.  I’ve done this a lot before and know the freakin’ mess it creates!  So the coffee continued to brew and spew all over the counter.  What a waste of good coffee!

Now I’m sort of afraid to do anything because obviously this is going to be a day of  “oh, geez, look what I did now!”

Pura Vida from the land of perfect weather! (as long as it’s not rainy season)




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