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Not a fit day today for Electronics or Dental!

Posted on: February 22, 2012

We received word from our attorney that we needed to go ahead and sign up for CAJA, (Costa Rica’s socialized medicine) and get our ducks in a row (pay the taxes and fees) to become a resident.  When we have done the required tasks, she will then make an appointment for us to get our cedula’s and  we’ll become residents of Costa Rica. I think I will make a better Tica than a Southern Belle!

Since I already had an appointment to “install my bridge” this afternoon, we thought we should just go ahead and head into San Jose and get signed up for CAJA.  At least that was the plan.

First we stopped at the ARCR office, of which we are a member.( Association of Residents of Costa Rica)  We decided to go through this organization because they have an agreement with CAJA for a group discount.  If you are over 55, you can get this insurance for $49/month – that is the cost for both of us.

Met with Annabelle, a most pleasant woman, but more importantly, one with a sense of humor!  She was quite impressed that we had copies of everything we “needed”; multiple copies.  Thanks to Monika, our residency attorney who emailed everything we would need!

We left the ARCR offices and walked 2 blocks to catch a taxi to take us to the CAJA – or as I call it “CAJA CENTRO”.  Went in and found where we were to be with very little trouble.  However, the computers were down and expected to be back up around 3 p.m., which put a real glitch in the day’s plans.

So, we hailed a taxi and headed back to where we had parked  our car.  No way would I ride with Mark in that horrible traffic!

Off we went to the dental appointment.  Got there a half hour early with the hopes I could get in early!  And voila!!!! I got in right away.

GULP!  The temporary bridge came off without a hitch; however, when air hit a crown prepared tooth, I thought I would come out of the chair and high tail it out of there!  After being reassured, it wouldn’t be too much more painful, they continued.  I could not stand it!  Let me say it again, it was so sensitive, I could not  stand it!

In a short time a different “Doctora” (female dentist) came in to numb me.  After 4 shots, I was pretty numb!  Then the dentist that did the prep work came in to see how the bridge fit.  It didn’t.  After probably 25-30 mins. of putting it in and taking it out, and trying to “sand” down the high spot, he decided to send it back to the lab to correct it.  The lab is downstairs from the dental office.  So we needed to wait approximately 30 mins. for that to get done.

They called me back in to the cubicle and the numbness had started to wear off – requiring 2 more shots!!!  I don’t ever recall having a tooth so sensitive!  So within 10 minutes, the bridge was cemented in, and off we went.

Originally, the plans were to go back to CAJA to see if the computers were up and running; alas, too much time was spent at the dentist and besides I certainly didn’t feel like going back there with my face so numb and swelled!

We headed for home and arrived close to 4 p.m.  Yep, I’m still swelled at 5 p.m. and numb! LOL  I’m sure Mark is thrilled because I don’t feel like talking! LOL

So tomorrow we’ll go back to CAJA in San Jose and hope we’re successful!  For the record, I doubt that the computers came back up at 3 p.m.!

Pura Vida for now!!!



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