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Shopping for Boobie Lights

Posted on: February 17, 2012

I don’t envy my friend Pat. Well I do and I don’t. First of all, she is shopping.

A lot. That would be fun.

As a matter of fact, when we were shopping for light fixtures, we had a good chuckle over the boobie lights we saw everywhere. OK, when you see brushed nickel hallway ceiling lights displayed as they should be… on the ceiling… they don’t look like boobie lights.

But for some reason, here in Tica land, where boobs are everything, the lights are displayed vertically not horizontally…

it’s a whole new perspective, agreed?

They are building a new house and she is shopping for all kinds of goodies.

I can only hope she will be shopping for a gooseneck led reading light clamp or a 56″ wide half round wool hearth rug minuteman, — love to see how those are displayed.

The downside to her shopping? She’s under some time pressure. Recently they made a trip to pick out some floor tile for a number of rooms. That mission accomplished, she returned home to learn from the contractor that they would be ready to install a boring ceiling folding attic ladder in a couple days.  They had not purchased a folding attic ladder yet. Bo-ring.

This meant another 45 minute drive to the folding ladder place.

Shopping for boobie lights? Fun. Shopping for folding attic ladders? Not fun.


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