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Another adventure – altho’ it was a dental adventure

Posted on: February 16, 2012

Sunday evening, after a dinner of lasagna, found me in desperate need of a dentist.  After receiving a few recommendations from friends, I was able to get an appointment at DentaVac in Escazu on Weds.  Yep, I took the dentist that had the earliest appointment for me!  And yes, we drove Ms. Smartie to the appointment as you can see from the picture.

My appointment was at 2 p.m. and after being stopped at a road block with MOPT, and “stuff” reducing the speed on the autopista, and at times actually stopped, we made it 10 minutes early.

After filling out the required paperwork, I was immediately taken back to a cubicle.  After explaining to the dentist what had happened and the previous experience in the states and what was done, I was told I had two options.  One: an implant or Two: a permanent bridge.

I opted with the permanent bridge because I heard the magic words:  we can  begin the preliminary work now, if you have the time and you will have the permanent bridge installed next week!  Woo-Hoo… different than the states where you would make an appointment to see what needs to be done; then another appointment scheduled to do the work; then waiting and waiting for the bridge; and finally the appointment to get that installed.

Since I was there I said let’s get started!  He began immediately after taking one of those “head swirl x-rays” to see what was underneath.

Six shots later, I was numb and away he started grinding  off the temporary fix.  I had been quoted $4,000 for this bridge in the states and here it’s $1200; quite a savings!  Mark just doesn’t realize the money I’ve saved him in 43 years of marriage! LOL

We were home in time to let the dogs out and head back into town for a birthday gathering at Bar Lourdes!  Yep, I was swelled, and very sore!  But hey, if eyes almost swelled shut from a hair dye reaction doesn’t keep me from playing in a golf tournament, a swelled and extremely sore cheek, won’t keep me from a birthday party!

Lots of ibuprofen at bedtime and 3 times during the night and I’m ready for a new day!  I may be old, but I’m a tough old bird!

I would highly recommend this dentist and thank you Sally and Leonard for recommending him to me.  Everyone in the office spoke very good English.  I wonder if the day will come when seeking out medical care won’t require me to have English spoken. Sigh…..

Pura Vida for now…..the washing machine is calling me to hang out the clothes.  You know, it is true a woman’s work is never done…..but there’s always tomorrow to do it!

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