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Chili Cook Off – Atenas, Costa Rica – another great adventure

Posted on: February 12, 2012

We had been told that the Chili Cook-0ff is so much fun!  It’s a fundraiser for the Orphanage here. It’s the event to go to and be seen! LOL

We arrived around 1:30 p.m.  It’s held at Roma Vista and if you ever have a chance to see this gorgeous place, do not hesitate to accept the invitation.  A pavilion, a swimming pool – two areas, one for little kiddo’s and larger ones. Gorgeous grounds, beautiful view; well, you get the picture.

You pay 1,500 colones to get in and that gets you samples of the contest chili.  Tickets are sold for drinks and other food.  We stayed with the chili and drinks.  Some very different tasting chili….from blow your socks off hot, to a nice mild flavored one.  I stayed with mild ones, when there was a choice and Mark chose the blow your socks off hot!  One he tried was extremely hot and he immediately said, we’ve got to get drink tickets, NOW! LOL  So he got some beer and I got water…and he continued with the hot stuff.  Some entrants even had sour cream, shredded cheese, onions and a little more hot stuff!

Then we wandered down to where the entertainment was held.  Frances, from Lighthouse Animal Shelter, was belting out some oldies but goodies!  I wish we could have seen her when she was an entertainer……love the genre of music she sings.

Ran into Bruce, her husband, and said “go tell Frances to sing some Whitney songs”…..he said “I’m not doing that and I can guarantee if you do, she’ll kill you!  She can’t hit those high notes anymore!”  And we laughed…..she’s still got it in my book!

Then there was time for drawings, etc.   Ran into Pat and John….they were getting ready to leave and she gave me her tickets for the drawings.  Wouldn’t you know it, the first number drawn was one of her tickets!  Stopped by their house and John came out and I told him I had helped him with his Valentine’s Day gift for her! LOL

Headed to MegaSuper to pick up a few things. When I came out, Mark was sitting in front of the grocery with 3 strange small kids sitting in Ms. Smartie!  A woman was with her three kids and her son was so excited about seeing the car….she just opened the door and plopped her toddler daughter in the seat; then another girl probably 6-7 years old; and her son – maybe 5.  Mark put the top down and they were thrilled with that….their mother was taking pictures like crazy and they were standing up in the car and having a ball.  It was funny!!! She introduced herself and her children to us and thanked us for letting her kids do that.

Came home and had lasagna and oh boy, not a good way to start the week!  Broke a tooth….so first thing in the morning I’ll be making phone calls to find someone that can fix it….I guess it’s bridge time!

Another fun day; lots of Gringo’s at the festivities and even Tico’s…..nice mix of everyone; young, old, etc.

Pura Vida.



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