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I’ve been too domestic today

Posted on: February 10, 2012

Two loads of clothes, washed, on the line, now down and folded.

Three sinks full of dishes washed; two of those sink fulls put away.

Spent hours, yes, hours on that damned kitchen window curtain!  I can sure make myself get involved in LONG projects!  Still not done….have 2 more appliques to put on it.  Still waiting for the coffee bean fabric to arrive to back it with; on the 4th bobbin fill; and the 3rd needle; that’s a lot of embroidering stitching and appliqueing!

Communicated with the gardener on a few things to do around the yard.  He found LOTS of cutter ant houses (casas, as he called them) and they are now hopefully gone to the great beyond.  Found 4 hibiscus bushes stripped of leaves this morning.  They are vicious with plants!  So far the plants they’ve destroyed, have not come back; however, I keep watering them.

Another batch of bananas going bad so I made banana bread again. This time with the correct ingredients. Are you all aware that if you use the correct ingredients, things taste really yummy?

I’m thinking it might be time for a little vodka/tonic and lime.  I’m beat!!! LOL

Pura Vida…

Hasta Luega for now!


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