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Had my first lobster (langostina) in Costa Rica last night

Posted on: February 9, 2012

A new restaurant/bar has opened on highway 3. It’s called Bar Lourdes – altho’ on the menu it says something else. (welcome to Costa Rica, folks!)

Lobster was on the menu – and I jumped at the chance – first time it’s been on a menu when we’ve eaten out!  Altho’ I’m sure places closer to Jaco have it.

My lobster was $6 – yes, $6!!!  Can’t wait to go back….it was delish!  Not sure what it was grilled in, but it was super-duper yummy!!!  And their French Fries (Papas frito) were just enough different that I want those again!!!

Life is good in Costa Rica!

Pura Vida


Adio for now.


Stay tuned for when I get some pictures downloaded from Super Bowl Sunday – here’s a hint:  I felt like I was in Africa with my favorite animal!!!


2 Responses to "Had my first lobster (langostina) in Costa Rica last night"

Dang…..a month too late!!!!!

Yes, the restaurant was in the process of opening – has nice furniture, etc. Really a nice atmosphere! So I guess you’ll have to come back to eat there? LOL

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