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A day to myself

Posted on: February 5, 2012

Mark and a friend, Tom, went to some motorcycle races.  WOO HOO!  The house to myself, the “big” computer to myself, no one to feed except the dogs!  I might not get out of my jammies today! He won’t be able to hear for 3 days after attending these races! Wonder if he remembered to take ear plugs?

I can sew all day!!!  I’m working on making a curtain to go over the window at the kitchen sink.  Since Costa Rica is the land of coffee, I’m making it in denim.  Then embroidering and appliqueing all different kinds of coffee sayings and cups of coffee. Had to order some coffee bean fabric from the U.S. because I couldn’t find any here!  That will be the backing of the curtain. If, I get it done today, I’ll be sure and post pictures.  The coffee bean fabric should be here within the week.

Too many babies being born! LOL  Have some really cute baby bibs I need to work on too.

At first I thought today’s goal might be to stay off Pinterest, but with Mark gone and not saying to me “you still on that website”, I’m sure that won’t happen.

We actually had a little rain this morning while the sun was shining.  However, I couldn’t find a rainbow.

Going to a Super Bowl get-together when Mark gets back.  I’m not a big football fan, so I may take my knitting.  Please don’t tell me that will be rude; I can multi-task very well and pay attention.  I can knit and watch basketball and know exactly what is going on.  I do miss going to the WKU basketball games.  I was born in Bloomington,  Indiana and I guess that means I have “basketball blood!”

Having a little 1820 with a bit of Cafe Rica in it!  Need to go water my plants….so from the land of wonderful weather….

Pura Vida!

Adios for now!







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That curtain sounds like it’ll be really cute. I love the theme of it. Make sure to post those pics!

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