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The best plans sometimes go awry!

Posted on: January 31, 2012

Yesterday we went into town to run some errands.

Stopped in at my eye docs place to see if she could put in the GPS the directions to my appointment today in San Jose to get a picture of my retina!  Doctora Victoria called the place and guess what?  The Dr. is out of the country – must be he needed to make a border run. LOL

Anyway, they claimed they didn’t have Dra. Victoria’s phone number to let her know.  Since I was standing there when she made the appointment and I know for a fact, she gave it to them, I knew that wasn’t right.

So, now my appointment is for Thursday. You betcha I’m going to call first thing in the morning and make sure I still have an appointment! LOL   Mark would have been furious if we had gone there to find out we weren’t notified of a cancellation….me, I would have taken it as “great, we can go shopping trip”.  For some reason, our minds don’t quite think alike along those lines.

We’re waiting on a call back from a guy that has a dryer to sell.  After last October’s 35+ inches of rain, we realize we need a dryer, even if it’s only used during rainy season!  I think that’s another “business” opportunity…..put in 4-5 dryers in a store front and only open it during Sept., Oct., Nov. – for people to use during rainy season!

And after the Christmas Parade, I can see there is a calling for a “drum store”……I’ve never heard so many drums!  And think of all the broken drum sticks!

So now, we’re just hanging out, LOL, waiting on the guy to call from Grecia and give us directions to look at the dryer.  Keep your fingers crossed, it can fit in the back of Old Bessie!

Pura Vida to all!



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