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Posted on: January 26, 2012

Our U.S. guests left bright and early Tuesday morning.  It has taken me this long to catch up on my sleep!  I’m thinking that planning something for every day was not a bright idea! LOL

But it was fun!  And you know what?  I can catch up on sleep later.

Made a quick run into San Jose today to pick up a package at the central post office.

Stopped at Don Yayo’s for a quick lunch; Pat called and said “come by and see the casa construction”.  WOW!  Is it ever going to be nice!!!!  Seems like there’s lots of room.  I know that when the roof gets on and it seems you can’t see the “big” progress, the time will drag for them.  They are currently living in 300 sq. ft., but they do have a large rancho (cathedral) that they can escape to when needed.  LOL

The wind has died down and we now have gentle breezes blowing.  It’s about 82 degrees.

There’s a Chili Cook-off on Feb. 12 that benefits the Orphanage here.  Can’t wait!

For now….Pura Vida to all



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