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The rest of the week with U.S. guests

Posted on: January 23, 2012

Thursday, we headed to the National Park where the monkeys “steal” your stuff if you are not watching.  No pictures because I’ve posted them before when we’ve been there.  Since school kids are on summer break now, there were a lot more people and families on the beach.  And the monkeys…..most we’ve ever seen!  Watched one monkey scamper down a tree and head for a table where no one was sitting, but it was piled with bags of food, etc.  Yep, the sneaky little monkey grabbed a bag of potato chips and headed as quickly as possible to go up a tree.  A guy at a neighboring table started yelling at it and the monkey dropped the bag of chips but DID NOT even look back and climbed that tree to safety!  It was funny.  And the nice thing:  there was a granizado cart there on the beach; so Sally got a granizado!  Mary Kay took a beach chair and headed  near the water.  After a while, she decided she had had enough sun and we packed up and headed to The Crocodile Bridge.

Lots of cars and people walking along the walkway to see the crocs sunning.  They were all sizes.  Pretty cool to see.  Turkey buzzards were circling so I figured one of the one’s we thought was sleeping was either near death or had died and they weren’t about to have “lunch” with the live ones hanging around.

Friday, I took them to Grecia to see the “red church” that is made out of an old battleship.  It’s just beautiful!!!  They took many pictures and thought it was very pretty inside.

Saturday we sort of hung around the house.  We went to Mass Saturday evening.  The church is beautiful inside and was full! Oh, first we went to Antano’s, before going to church, to have dinner.  We had a little time to kill so we walked around town for a short time.  Sat in the park about 20 mins. till we decided to go into the church.  I am not Catholic and it was very interesting.  I’m proud of myself because I could pick out words and phrases that the Priest delivered.  (ie:  all women should have what ever it is they want!)  Afterwards we went back to Antano’s and finished the evening with an iced coffee. Won’t be doing that again, because I couldn’t get to sleep.

Sunday we had made plans to go to Palmares to a “biker bar” to eat shrimp!!  One couple ended up not being able to go.  But Sally and Leonard joined us.  The 6 of us  had a good time!  And came away stuffed!!!

Wasn’t sure what Sally and Mary Kay were up to for today.  They decided we should go to Jaco to souvenir shop.  As usual, it was HOT.  Showed them a beach when we first arrived and the waves were practically non-existent.  Then we headed to the “shopping” area.  They both bought “stuff” – I didn’t buy a thing!  Can you believe it?  Anyway, on our way out of town, I drove down another street to show them a “different” beach – waves were beginning to get big and we saw guys toting their surf boards to go ride a wave!

We headed for home but not before stopping at Mola’s again and eating at Art’s Deli that is beside it.

Mark has just put the chicken on the grill….Sally and Mary Kay have been “in the wine” since we got back….they are a little freaked, to put it mildly, because we don’t have an alarm clock! LOL  They want to get up at 3:45 a.m., yes, A.M.  They were told to be at the airport 3 hours before their scheduled flight – they leave at 8 a.m.; We’ll leave around 4:30 a.m. to head to the airport…..

It has really been a fun time for me to have people around I miss!  I sure hate to see them leave, but I think they are ready to see their spouses!  Go figure!! LOL

Weather has been good while they’ve been here…..they enjoy sitting on the rancho and “rocking” away….that’s what life in Costa Rica is…..Pura Vida.

Adios for now.




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