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A New Year, A New Adventure

Posted on: January 1, 2012

About mid-morning, Mark decided we “needed to go someplace”.  Then there’s the decision on where to go.  I mentioned Puriscal because that is  labeled as having a community of ex-pats.  Via the internet we looked at that area and decided against it.  I know why, now!

It’s a beautiful drive there up mountains.  We can actually see Puriscal from our house – a couple mountain ridges over from us.  At night the lights are beautiful!

Sunday is not a good day to go adventuring, and especially on New Years Day!  Not a lot was open but the few restaurants that were open, were  doing a good business.  We found one, something like Chiccarones with a beautiful view.  Altho’ because of the December winds, yep, I know it’s January, but Mother Nature doesn’t, had screens down to cut down on the winds. I tried to take some pictures but they just didn’t turn out very good; therefore, no pics. Sorry.

There was an absolutely huge old church that was falling down and it’s a shame….what a building it must have been in it’s day.

The town square in front of another church, where the videos of Puriscal are made to entice you to move there….well, let’s just say, it didn’t look like what we saw on the internet.

But one nice thing, it’s an excellent road after exiting the autopista.  Well, except for one spot, one whole lane was missing – assuming from October’s rains and landslides.

Got on the autopista to head back  home and holy moly!  The autopista heading home was closed for all the traffic that went to the Pacific Coast for the holiday week-end….yep, they open the opposite lanes so handle all the traffic back into San Jose.  Well, it was a good thing we had the GPS but it kept trying to put us on the autopista…so we decided to “go to the airport” because we know the way home from there with no autopista involved!

Made it home and realize Puriscal is not where we would have been happy.  Everytime we go on an adventure, we feel we made the right decision in choosing Atenas to live (well, near Atenas).

So, tomorrow is another adventure! Going to visit Tim and Meg at Los Suenos; google it.  I think it’s where the richy rich people go to stay!  And Brangelina is rumored to be looking at property next to Los Suenos.

Adios for now!

Pura Vida!


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Clarification: We looked at Puriscal as a place to live… and decided against it…

You should go see Chico. He swims with a 15 foot crocodile. He saved it years ago and now it supposedly “trusts him”. I saw it on Animal Planet. One day that thing is going to be hungry. Not sure where in Costa Rico it is, but you could look it up.

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