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Mark saved an iguana/lizard today!

Posted on: December 30, 2011

Sedona was beside herself at the front door!  The screen doors were open and an iguana (I think of lizard as little like the ones in FL) was wedged between the glass door and the screen!  This was a pretty good sized one, hence I’ll call it an iguana.

Mark finally was able to poke at the screen and move it enough that the iguana escaped!  However, it was so frantic in getting away that it dove into the pool!  Then it didn’t surface!  So Mark, the bufo killer, was able to use the net to skim the pool and save the iguana!  Ahhhh, Pura Vida!

Feliz Anos Neuvo!

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get pics next time!!! whenever something fun like that happens always grab the camera!!!! 🙂

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