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Doctoring Sofi……again!

Posted on: December 28, 2011

Poor Sofi!  Last night she was so miserable with an ear infection she was actually wimpering!  Poor baby!

Off to see Doctora Sharon we go!  She said to Sofi, “don’t you like to be well?”  Personally, I’m thinking she does it for attention!  LOL

She has another ear infection, and an eye infection!  So drops in the ear, drops in the eye and she needs to be seen in a week. What a way to start the New Year!

Ran a few errands while in town.  And having “needy” Sofi with me is an absolute pain!  Gonna have to get a carrier for her that straps on my back or chest or maybe a baby stroller.  I can’t do anything with her in my arms, because heaven forbid, I put her down!  She raises such a fuss you’d think I’ve left her places a million times.  I should have recorded the ruckus she made when I had her with me at the ATM.  I figured she could be on the floor because there’s a door and she can’t get out. Oh no, she was doing her loud monkey imitation and it echoed something fierce in that little room!

And now that precious little “perro” is sound asleep!  While  I’m the one that’s exhausted! LOL

While in town, I ran into Frank and Delores – driving their new car!  Well, new used car!

Adios for now!


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oh please no mother-not a baby stroller. Please. You can’t be one of these women wheeling around their dog. No. Its not cute. Don’t do it.

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