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Immature cataracts! No way…..

Posted on: December 22, 2011

Tomorrow I see the opthamologist.  As I’m reading through the medical papers regarding a nevus on the retina of my left eye, I noticed the diagnosis….immature cataracts!  Anyone that knows me, should know that I’m far from being immature!

Nevus (think large freckle)  on my retina so far has not grown and that’s a very good thing.  If it starts to grow, there are no if’s, and’s or but’s about it, it will be malignant, but can be removed.  I’ve been advised that since I’ve had it for so long (about 7 years), and there’s been no growth, odds are it will stay the same.  Still makes me nervous when it’s time to have it checked out.

Immature cataracts!  Sheesh!  I’ve heard of them having to “ripen” before anything can be done, but to call them immature!

Sure hope this guy understands English or else my translator app will get a good work-out.  But the optometrist in the office speaks great English, so I’m glad Doctora Victoria will be available.

Pura Vida!!!


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