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I made tamales today – with the best of the Ticas!

Posted on: December 19, 2011

Last week a friend, Pat, said she was going to Dinia’s to make Tamales, which is “the Christmas food” in Costa Rica.  I immediately said – “oh ask her if I can come too”.  Like the friendly people here, she said “of course”.  It was fun!  That’s all I can say…..and I wished that my friend, Terri, could have been here.  She would have absolutely loved doing it too!

You use a couple of banana leaves, put a hefty spoonful of masa in the middle – then the fun begins!  You add a spoonful of steamed carrots, some rice (arrozo), some stewed pork (cerado); a strip of sweet red pepper; a few peas – it was told to me that different families use different ingredients – ie: onion, olives, etc.

After this is done, you roll up the banana leaves and then fold the ends in to meet in the middle; make another one and then put these 2 together and tie with cotton string.

Then you boil them in a huge pot over an open fire for about an hour.  I cannot tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to be able to partake of this!

Dinia spent all day yesterday making the “innards”; her father made the masa (ground corn, Lizano (a salsa like topping), and pork/chicken broth, whichever you want.  Dinia’s mother and sister-in-law were also making tamales; her father was the chef for boiling them and the string man (tied the string on the tamales).  At one point when I was taking pictures of him removing some cooked tamales from the huge pot, he wanted to know if I wanted to remove some.  I did not do that because I could see an emergency run to Doctora Candy!

Today was the culmination of all of yesterday’s work!

I am so enjoying learning new customs and being able to do them.

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Nancy, you look so happy. It is really agreeing with you my dear.

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