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What a week! With a great ending….Christmas Parade in Atenas

Posted on: December 18, 2011

Partied 3 nights in a row this week and on Friday night we both crashed!  Can’t decide if we’re too old to party 3 nights in a row or not. LOL

Saturday afternoon we ventured back into town to partake of the Christmas festivities being held in the park.  There were a few booths set up with things to sell….hmmm, maybe I should work on getting stuff made and have my self a little table of goodies for sale next year.

Watched kids from probably 3 years old to maybe 10-12 doing different dances.  The first group was a “dance” telling the story of Jesus’ birth.  When Mary and Joseph wandered into the town, it was hysterical….Mary actually had a little baby bump!  Then when they made their way to the stable, Joseph held up the blanket for the newborn babe, while Mary pulled the baby bump out!  Talk about a great chuckle!  Not everyone could see it, but where we were, it was very obvious.  Watched other kids dancing and it’s just darling!!!

Wandered over to Don Tados and had a bite to eat to waste  time before the Christmas parade!  And what a parade it was! Nothing compared to the parade at Disney World, but for little ole Atenas it was absolutely awesome!  Some floats were really detailed.  Lots of bands – some from Paos, Naranjo and other areas.  When these bands march, it’s not just a march, they’ve got a little jive in their steps, bopping and weaving!  And the drums!  I’m thinking that a “drum store” might be a good business to start up!  They do like to pound their drums!! If you looked around at the crowd, everyone was moving to the beat of the drums; even the little kids!  Some of those 3 years little girls know how to swivel their hips already!

There was a group of kids that specialized in belly dancing!  Brought back some great memories of when “our gang” took belly dancing classes.  They were so cute….and of course, I love their costumes!  Maybe next Christmas, I’ll dress up in my belly dancing outfit, including my coin bra!  Tee Hee!

If was a great evening…..felt like it was a Christmas Fiesta/Celebration.  If you weren’t there, you missed a wonderful time!

Adios, and Feliz Navidad!


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Ah yes. The belly dancing classes. Those were fun.

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