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December in Costa Rica

Posted on: December 11, 2011

We sure are enjoying having the rainy season done and over and out! LOL  Altho’ last night we had just a light drizzle and it was so nice…about 1/4 inch of rain.

This has been a hard month on me….still can’t find the Christmas tree toppers, nor the hand crewel embroidered Christmas stockings I made over 40 years ago, nor my adorable solar Snowman lights.

I’ve missed all the hustle and bustle of shopping, wrapping gifts, and imagine this, all the wonderful sales fliers that come in the newspaper/mail so I see what I should hurry out and buy.

A short interruption because we’re trying to see if we can catch a glimpse of the howler monkeys.  Sounds like they are in our yard, but alas, they weren’t.

I’m missing my Bunco Christmas party and of course the wonderful Christmas bowling party.  When you Bunco, you get to pick a gift…and when you bowl a strike, you get to pick a gift.  I love challenges and believe me, getting a Bunco and a strike to get a gift can be extremely challenging!

But we are making new traditions which is what life is about. Being able to adjust to a different way of life has been fun and frustrating….but you know what, we are doing it!  We’ve met many wonderful new friends from all over the US.

We’re having a little Christmas get together on Tuesday afternoon with new friends.  Now that the construction is done, we feel like we can have people over….altho’ I’ve still got “creative things” all over the house….but hey, that’s me! LOL  I am the Queen of Messes!

This will certainly be a different Christmas for us…altho’ we’re going to some friends’  for Christmas Day dinner.

Busy, busy week….going to a biker bar with 2 other couples for some wonderful shrimp; Tuesday is our first annual 1st Day of Christmas Party; Wednesday we’re going to a wine tasting and Thursday our attorney is having a party that we’ve been invited to!  So see, even tho’ we’re in a different country some things don’t change….like getting together with friends and having fun!!!

I left my Bunco game with the group that I started…perhaps I should buy another one and get a Bunco group going here! Hmmm, I just may have to do that!

Pura Vida!



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