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Another adventure for us today…..

Posted on: November 29, 2011

Decided to head to PriceSmart today and get a membership. (think Sam’s Club)  Because of my advancing age, I got it half price!!!  Old age has a few advantages.

It was extremely crowded, which I guess because of the holiday season, it would be.  Stocked up on some meat but the main thing I went after was Orville Redenbacher popcorn!  I was disappointed because all they had was Act II.  Mark convinced me it would be better than nothing so we bought it.  I need to spread the word that if anyone goes there and they have Orville Redenbacher to pick it up for me!

Stopped at an Ashley Furniture store on the way home.  WOW!  It’s nothing like those in the states.  This was laid out with rooms with lots of area in between….not crammed in together like other stores I’ve been in.  Didn’t buy anything. 😦

Came home and we were going to fill up Old Bessie but the gas station was blocked off; Realizing that I could have had a V-8, I remembered that the truckers from the refineries were on strike; hence, the major confusion at a gas station we passed in San Jose!  So Bessie is almost empty and Ms. Smartie has a little less than 2 gallons which means we’ll be very careful about driving anywhere till the strike gets settled.  Just another one of those things in Costa Rica you don’t think about. LOL

But at least we’ve got food to eat and the refrigerator is full!

It’s now nap time….

Pura Vida!


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