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Carpet vs. Tile (in Costa Rica)

Posted on: November 28, 2011

When we decided to go on this adventure, I was very excited knowing that the majority of people have tile floors.  I love tile floors!

When living in the U.S. the majority of the time we had carpet; once in awhile I could convince Mark we needed to tile this area or that.  But never did we have a whole house tiled!

Advantages of living this far south with tile:  generally feels cool to your feet.  Dogs love laying on it; altho’ they spend their fair share of the time lying in their beds.

Advantage of carpet:  if it’s the right color and you have dogs that shed, it will hide the dog hair for a few days.

Disadvantage of tile:  dog hair shows all the time!!!  Even after sweeping, it’s still there.  But one advantage is the birds love the clumps of dog hair we throw outside and I think they are becoming dependent on it being there for them; Sedona is happy to oblige!

So the question is: should we shave Sedona and hope we get a few days of no/less dog hair  or just continue to brush her outside and constantly sweep inside?

In the whole scheme of life, it’s not very high up on the list to take care of!  We’ve always had dogs and dog hair; however, Derby and Sofi hardly shed but Sedona certainly makes up for it!

Adios for now!


3 Responses to "Carpet vs. Tile (in Costa Rica)"

Doesn’t matter with dog hair or not you have to sweep everyday because you track everything into the house. If it is not dog hair it is grass, or mud,or who knows what!

no-do not shave Sedona!!!! That isn’t good for her………

I’d just brush sweet Sedona outside. I’m sure that as your seasons change her shedding will be worse at certain times than others. Just part of it. Hey I just had a great idea. Why not make her a doggie fur (hair) net?

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