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‘Tis the beginning of the season…

Posted on: November 27, 2011

With much moaning and groaning (more like bitching!), I gave Mark a list of things I would like accomplished today.

1. Get out the Christmas trees (yes, that’s plural!)

2. Get out the Christmas decorations

3. Get out the outdoor lights

Number 1 and 2 have been done. We’re still looking for a lot of the outdoor lights.

Have one tree put together and in the living room.  All but one small section of lights work….and you know what?  That’s just going to have to do……I’m getting in the groove of the Tico way……most of the lights are lit, that will work! Pura Vida!

The first “batch” of ornaments I “unboxed” were sitting in at least an inch of dirty water…..yep, moldy and mildewy; however, I am trying to save them. Will let them dry out and see if I can salvage them.  And true to form, they are ornaments that mean a lot to me….ie: expensive ones!  So yes, for awhile there was blue air spewing out of my mouth – I know, it’s not very “Christmas like”!

The tree that will be in the living room will have breakable ornaments on it.  The tree in the rancho will have unbreakable ones!  Yes, I have enough ornaments for both trees! LOL

It will be sad when I come to the stockings because Oliver is no longer with us.  Yes, people, I put up Christmas stockings for my dogs!  Deal with it!

When the girls were younger, Christmas Eve meant opening a new pair of pajamas so they’d look cute in their Christmas morning pictures.  And the proverbial pluckit cake.  It’s a ” cake” made out of small balls of bread dough, rolled in cinnamon and sugar with nuts….hence you “pluck” a piece of basically a cinnamon roll off.  Baked in an angel food cake pan. Pretty yummy!!! And smells wonderful baking!

And, I have an artifical palm tree with lights on that I think I’ll put outside our bedroom window!  My intention was to knit ornaments for it….mittens, scarves, and sweaters….all in miniature.  This one may not get decorated this year. LOL  And of course, Mark still hasn’t gotten over the fact that I brought an artificial palm tree to a land loaded with real palms!  Maybe I should buy a real one and stick it in a pot for next year.  What do you think?

Adios for now….and for those that went Black Friday shopping, I hope you’ve recovered!






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I’m totally making pluckit cake now!!!!!!

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