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Our First Thanksgiving in Costa Rica

Posted on: November 26, 2011

We were lucky enough to be invited to some friend’s home for a Thanksgiving dinner.  Not with turkey….I told Mark no way was I spending $60 plus for a turkey!  And I know a lot of other ex-pats who must have felt the same way.  Drunken chicken was on the menu!  And it was so delicious!!!  One couple we know said they were getting together with neighbors and having steak…her husband thought that was a good tradition so start!

Delores fixed a bowl of salad and then had the “fixins” on another plate so you could “make your own”.  I thought that was a clever idea and will probably use that some time in the future.  But her carrots were to die for….she sliced them and steamed them.  Then cooked them in butter and when they started to brown she added honey and garlic powder and continued until they were more brown.  They were so good!!!  Mark doesn’t eat cooked carrots but before we were out of their driveway, he said “if you make carrots like that, I can eat them!”

Didn’t make it to the feria yesterday; just didn’t feel good when I woke up.  Spent the day in and out of bed, only thing wrong was a really horrendous headache.  Mark said I looked really pale.  Finally around late afternoon I started to feel a little better.

So much better that I plugged in my embroidery machine!  ALAS!  It turned on….then I added the embroidery arm…and it worked.  Today I will attempt  to do some embroidery.  I was very nervous about it working because it’s been on a long journey!  I’m sure I’ll need to re-read some of the instruction book because I haven’t done any work on it since last May!

Hope to get some Christmas decorations out and start decorating the casa!  I’m sure this will thrill Mark because it means moving “boxes” again…..apparently he thinks retirement isn’t constantly moving boxes! LOL

Need to run into town and pick up some groceries….when you’re out of eggs, you need to go to the grocery!!!

To our friends in the U.S., we hope you had a yummy Thanksgiving….to those that went shopping on Black Friday, please share what you bought…..I normally spend Thanksgiving Day going through all the inserts from the newspaper….I admit, I did miss doing that.  Looked at a few inserts online and wasn’t sure there was anything that I would have bought….but I wouldn’t have bought it on Friday, I would wait till Monday till the “working people” were back “working”.

Adios for now….



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Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving! Good luck with your embroidery machine. I’m sure you will pick it back up as soon as you get started!

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